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  1. wow that Callaway combo set looks unreal. Would be jumping on it if I didn't just get some T100's GLWS
  2. That 52 degree is so pure.... if only I needed a new one. Someone please buy it before I buy another club I don't need.
  3. I'm a huge Callaway guy and have been playing their apex irons and woods for years which makes this unfair. However, Taylormade woods are something I've never liked. I've hit them multiple times and don't like how they set up, look, or feel. For some reason they look weird for me.
  4. success: Finally found a driver/shaft combo I'm liking... Mav SZ with aldila rogue white X has worked wonders in terms of my spin. Also finally moved to a 50/54/58 RTX-3 wedge setup that I'm liking a lot better losses: Haven't figure out a great driving iron setup. T500 3 iron flies too high for me. Had some driver issues beginning of this year. Rogue with a Hzrdus black was super stiff and inconsistent but glad that's out of the way.
  5. You're right though, it is certainly not the first one... Good catch
  6. I see what you're saying but isn't the drive size supposed to be T15 according to the replies above? Also, having taken one out, it looks more like the first one you sent and less like the second one due to the fact that the screw is flat on top instead of being rounded....
  7. https://www.mcmaster.com/screws/length~3-mm/super-corrosion-resistant-316-stainless-steel-low-profile-socket-head-screws/ Is that the right size? I know next to nothing about screws and their sizing... Thank you for your help!
  8. Is there a place to purchase these? I can't find them anywhere... I'm hoping to get some new ones because my screws are stripping and the Toulon kits are out of stock everywhere :(
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