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  1. Its the new V. This is my first go with Mizuno. I went into the store with other ideas in my head, but for feel, performance, no upcharge for custom and higher end shafts/grips, I just couldn't find anything else that could compete!
  2. They finally made it! 9 weeks and 1 day. All in all, worth the wait. One grip has just a slight skew in it, and there is some ferule glue on a few of the heads. Im sure a shank or two will take care of that
  3. Still haven't shipped :). The word is the 921 forged heads are to blame, but they said that they should be receiving more today to build up and will hopefully receive them by the end of the week. That will put me at about 9 weeks assuming they actually DO ship...
  4. Just got off the phone with my fitter and it wasn't the grips. The 921 forged heads were out of stock, but mizuno is hoping to have them completed within a week. Upgraded me to overnight shipping, so hopefully will have them in hand by next weekend. Specs: 921 jpx forged, kbs $ 120, midsized tour velvet +4, fitted on 2/20.
  5. Anybody order with midsize tour velvet +4s? Got a set of 921f that are going on 7 weeks.
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