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  1. Thank you. I’m going back today to make a decision and won’t worry about the lack of an AMT Black.
  2. Thanks. I really appreciate the guidance. I want to give the AMT White shafts another shot as well. It just feels like my swing speed for a 7 iron (87-88 mph) should work for that shaft.
  3. I hit the gamers okay. I'm a solid ball striker but would love a little more forgiveness in my irons without giving up anything on traditional looks. Honestly, I was stunned with how much longer everything I hit was than my current set. I've narrowed it down to the T100 and ZX7. I liked the JPX921 Forged but didn't realize how much those were de-lofted.
  4. It was an in store fitting and they didn’t have that one available. I recognize that it wasn’t the full fitting experience which is a little disappointing. I didn’t understand the constraints that they would have until I was told they didn’t have that shaft and more broadly we ran out of time.
  5. I agree with previous comments about the U500 4 iron. It sets up really nicely. I have it with the Hazardous Smoke shaft in it. It's an easy club to hit and I've found it flexible off the tee to hit low and high as needed.
  6. I went for a fitting the other day - ended up walking out without clubs (unfortunately). Only had an hour and couldn't make a decision between the Mizuno JPX 921 Forged or the Titleist T100. I've also got the Srixon ZX7 and Taylormade 770 still bouncing in my head. Clearly I'm a mess. The T100's that I hit had a True Temper AMT White shaft in them and the fitter explained that my swing is more suited to the Black AMT. With all the other irons I hit we didn't spend much time on other shafts that I should be looking for if I don't buy the T100 with the AMT Black. He specifically mentione
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