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  1. I know you stated $450 shipped to CONUS, but any chance you would ship to Hawaii?
  2. Thanks for all the info. I really appreciate it. So if i wanted a more penetrating ball flight i should go with i110 or maybe i125?
  3. Hello all! I currently game Mizuno 919 Tours with Project X 6.0 steel shafts STD length. Ive been hitting my irons solid and I launch the ball fairly high even though Project X is stated to be a low launch shaft. Ive been wanting to gain more club head speed as well as save my joints some shock so I been researching alot into graphite shafts. Ive already switched my wedges to steelfiber shafts and i love the feel of them so i was wondering if i should reshaft the rest of my irons to steelfiber i95? I just dont know how this change from steel to graphite (120g to 95g) might chang
  4. DM'd about the Blacked out INOVAI 6.0. Is it also standard loft and lie?
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