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  1. 1. City, State? Wilmington, Delaware 2. Handicap? 18.3 (index) 3. Current Irons? Adams V3 4. How would the Launcher XL Halo irons help your game? The sole design is a definite help. I am more of a “digger” with iron shots which is why I prefer irons with a much wider sole
  2. Just picked up the Fastback 1.5 from Club Champion.
  3. 1. City, State - Wilmington, DE 2. Handicap - 18.3 3. Current putter - Phantom X 5.5 4. Have you ever used a L.A.B. Golf putter? - No. 5. Why do you want to review the MEAZZ.1 putter? - I’ve been hearing (and reading) a lot of good things about the putter and would like to discover myself if it can really be beneficial to my putting. 6. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? - Definitely.
  4. Take a look at Flat Cat grips. I have the Tak on my putter and it’s about 12 inches.
  5. Decided to sell it. Sending it to the Custom Shop will cost me at least $310. I think they will replace the aluminum plate and other restoration/refinishing works. Opted to just buy a new SC and send it for customization. Thanks for the input guys.
  6. …did try both the 950GH and 1050GH years back as well. I figured a little lighter steel shaft might help increase my speed, hence opting for the 850GH
  7. I use NS Pro 850GH (stiff) on my irons. Mid kickpoint, weight is 90 grams (I think), very stable. Not much difference in weight vs the 950GH. Installed in my irons over 5 years ago. I really like it. In my mid 50s and have nearly similar distances like you do …although my handicap index is higher (18.3).
  8. Get a putter fitting. I had the SAM fitting last year and It has helped me a lot It made me know what my putting stroke really was, my faults, etc. From there you will know what putter fits you.
  9. Started playing in the early 90s using borrowed Lynx Black Cat. After about a year on borrowed clubs, someone gave me a new Cougar golf set, complete with bag, driver to putter. The first set I ever bought was the Cleveland VAS 792. Got it after Pavin won the US Open, too long ago to recall how much I paid. …then quit the game at the turn of the century since I quit my job that gave me golf club playing rights/privileges. It’s an expensive game without the playing privileges. Lol! Started to play the game again in 2010 and got the Adams Idea Tech V3 hybrids and forged irons. Still use them up to now. I do recall I paid close to $900 for the hybrids and irons. After playing about 30 years I still score in the 90s, from 120s when I started. Another 20 years more probably before I break par. Lol! I LOVE THIS GAME!
  10. Wear what you want. If it looks good on you and feel good wearing it go ahead.
  11. I will research and find out. Now thinking of letting it go and get a new one.
  12. I got the putter as is, with all the dings etc., just wanted to give it a try. Seems to be okay. Probably the ding was caused by a wedge slamming into the golf bag after a bad approach shot.
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