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  1. They've got pink portable toilets... Not sure who made that decision
  2. Are there any "bad" habits I may have picked up from playing with the more offset GI irons? Just trying to see if there's some common thing I may be doing or if it's a feel thing
  3. Aggressive release, like feeling your hands "turn over" more aggressively?
  4. I hit my old clubs pretty straight, maybe a slight fade. They were getting way too high and spinny with the 85g stock shafts. I'll just keep at it on the range. When I got my arms and body in rhythm things seemed to go well and I was able to control the flight better. I bet you're right, probably comes back to consistency
  5. I'm fairly new to golf and recently got fitted for the first time. The new clubs (JPX 921 forged) have much less offset and 20g heavier shafts (both stiff flex) than my old ones (TaylorMade RocketBladez) and on every few swings I'll leave the face open and hit a pretty decent slice or fade depending on the club. Is this just me getting used to the offset/shafts or should I be looking at my grip or swing?
  6. Mizuno JPX 921 forged with DG 105 S300 shafts and tour velvet align grips. Standard L/L/L. First irons I've been fit for and loved hitting them for the first time today
  7. Shipped 5/3 and arrived today. Almost 6 weeks to the day. Can't wait to get off work and head to pick them up
  8. Sure did! Baseball swing to about 20 feet, left the par putt 6 inches short on-line
  9. Buddy's ball hit this tree in the air from 115y and never hit the ground... Any other crazy lies out there?
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