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  1. Looking at buying a new fairway wood online. Trying to take advantage of the Golf Avenue sale before it ends but unfortunately everything is locked down here so I can't go try any out. Plus the ones I'm interested in are from 2019 and I'm lefty so doubt they'd have them available for me to hit. I want a 3/4/3HL-ish type of fairway wood. Is it better to buy a fairway wood with a stated 16.5* loft and keep the lie neutral? or buy a 15* 3W or 18* 5W and adjust the loft to 16* or 17* which will affect the face and lie angle? The 16.5* I'm considering is the Titleist TS2 so it is still
  2. I will likely get a 5W or 7W in addition to this and my hybrid to fill the yardage gap between them.
  3. Titleist TS2 16.5* Callaway Epic Flash (3W lofted up or 5W lofted down.) That's what I've narrowed it down to. A couple have mentioned the TS2 above. Epic Flash seems to be another big favorite. I like the ability on both to adjust loft and face angle independently of each other. Any thoughts or feedback on these would be appreciated.
  4. So I think this just completely changed my game. I hadn't heard of the 4W methodology before. Been playing the 3W & 3H combo for years. I just went down a deep worm hole online and this 4W idea is everywhere. Surprised I haven't come across it before now. It completely makes sense too. Looks like I'm now on the hunt for a different club. Thank you.
  5. @ChipNRun Thank you! That was all very helpful! I have seen the HL models and seems like most people really like them also. I don't really have a chance to hit them and compare which is why I may consider something with adjustability so I can more closely find what suits me best.
  6. Any recommendations for shaft? In my driver I use a the standard Fujikura 50 Regular flex. I don't know my swing speed but I hit that around 250 yards on average. Haven't been fitted so really can't say that is even the best shaft for me to be using. But as a general rule of thumb for fairway woods would you go up a bit more weight and maybe a stiffer flex?
  7. I'm a lefty also. I do love my M2 driver which I think gives me some bias to lean that way especially with a lot of positive feedback I've seen.
  8. I'd agree I'm not necessarily going at the green in every situation but if it's reachable yes I'd like the option. I don't have the option today if I've got 220+ to go. Everything you said about the Cobra is exactly what intrigues me about it. The rails seem to ooze confidence that I won't hit it fat off the deck or compensate and hit it thin. Saw some videos online of it hitting pretty well through a bit of rough too and different lies too. Sounds like you'd say the Cobra is much easier to hit off the deck? Adding a 5W to the bag is an interesting option to
  9. I have a decent budget for a used club probably up to $200 (CDN). Been seeing a lot of the ones I listed in the $150-200 range online in good condition.
  10. I'm new member to the page but have been using it as a resource for information and reviews for quite a while. A couple years ago I got back into golf and picked up a bag of pretty good used clubs for a great deal. Last year I upgraded the driver to a 2016 M2. I'm continuing to build/upgrade my bag and am on the hunt for a fairway wood (3 wood to be specific). I'm looking for something used that I can get for a decent price. Probably in the 2016-2018 model range. I've read a lot of posts here about fairway woods which is usually all I need, but on this one I seem to be stuck and can't make up
  11. Surprised nobody has said Cameron Smith.
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