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  1. Or Miura even. Always liked their irons...
  2. Where are you thinking you'd break between the 221 and 223? The lofts I see are like this from the Mizuno Japan site: | Club | 221 | 223 | 225 | |------|-----|-----|-----| | 5 | 27 | 25 | 24 | | 6 | 30 | 28 | 27 | | 7 | 34 | 32 | 30 | | 8 | 38 | 36 | 39 | | 9 | 42 | 41 | 44 | | P | 46 | 46 | | Please forgive my poor table formatting. I can see splitting between the 7 and 8 and having the 223s bent 2° weak in across the board. There is no data given for the 4 irons in any line.
  3. Only 2,300 + hours from now until the 31st. So... not that many hours to wait. %-(
  4. I'm torn between the set GW and getting a T22 wedge. Prolly end up with both and switch out based on the course I'm playing. Choose a T22 GW that has a very different bounce from the 223 GW even if the same loft -- or a different grind.
  5. Perhaps "Face Progression" is the distance the forward edge is _forward_ of the center of the shaft...?
  6. USGA Conforming clubs list: https://www.usga.org/InfoClubsDB/ResultDisplay.aspx?clubtype=Iron&Manf=Mizuno Corp.&Prod=Mizuno Pro Fli-Hi (Version 3) shows 2, 3, and 4 for the black (new) fli-hi The images of what I assume to be full sets also show (by count, not definite) three fli-hi irons. As well as enough 223s to include a 4 and GW/AW which are not shown on the Japanese site currently.
  7. While I agree that I would have preferred, sitting at the computer, that 1025 would have been preferable I imagine that the boffins at Mizuno have done their homework and the clubs will function as a set. I hope so anyway. But it does make me think twice about whether to blend a set with the 221s like I would have done last year with the MB/MMC splitting between the 7 and 8. I'm not sure I want to cross both shapes and materials this year. Oh well. Probably a complete set of 223s for me and T-22 wedges. Speaking of T-22 wedges, anyone have thoughts on the probability of the 223 GW/AW vs a 50° (or so) T-22 wedge in it's place?
  8. Probably the same as last year: UST MAMIYA RECOIL 95 GRAPHITE UST MAMIYA RECOIL ESX GRAPHITE AEROTECH STEELFIBER I110 GRAPHITE AEROTECH STEELFIBER I95 GRAPHITE I doubt they'll add many offerings, though they might surprise. The driver (ST 220-G) options look similar to last year and the wedges (T-22) look largely unchanged from the T-20 wedge offerings. Of course, this is speculation on my part. I'll be looking for a set with graphite myself when they are available.
  9. Last season I nearly pulled the trigger on a blended set of MBs and MMCs... this year I'm leaning toward getting 223s top to bottom. I'm impressed with the blending built into the 223.
  10. I see that pre-orders are live on a couple of web sites. Not posting commercial links, but you can probably find them. Customization includes a veritable bevy of custom shaft and grip choices along with the usual lie and loft options, though I note that lie up to ±3° is available this year. Waiting to see what the lofts on the 223s are so I can get good gapping into the wedges with a full set.
  11. This page: https://www.usga.org/InfoClubsDB/ResultDisplay.aspx?clubtype=Iron&Manf=Mizuno Corp.&Prod=All (don't know if it works as a hyperlink) lists the 2, 3, and 4 in the black finish fli-hi as version 3
  12. Is there any word on available shafts and grip options, or is the assumption that most of what was available for the MP-20 line will be available for the new Pro line? (I was thinking to order with UST Mamiya Recoil 95 Graphite shafts just before they stopped taking orders)
  13. Thanks for that... I forgot about the Fli-hi.
  14. 2 and 3 irons... that's got to be the 225, right?
  15. It would probably be simpler and safer to fill in a silver paint over it if it really bothers that much. I kinda like the script myself.
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