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  1. I'm still blown away that M won. It's sad how bad we've been against good teams for the last decade... even sadder I'm so surprised when we win.
  2. I agree with the lob wedge (60 degree) guys... Taking a full cut from that distance just has 'skulled into the lake behind the green' written all over it for me. I'll choke down a SW, thank you.
  3. Friend of mine had them on his new T100's last weekend. I gave him crap about it until he told me how much they cost.
  4. I'm most inconsistent with a modern 4i, so if I'm playing 'modern' irons I dump the 4i in favor of a hybrid.
  5. Take a week off, get some relief, go play... pain. Take two weeks off... get some good relief, go hit some wedges. This turns into a full on range day.... a little pain... decide to play 18 the next day. Stuck on pain meds and wincing to move. I've been dealing with this for about 4 months now. If I'd just let myself heal up I'd probably be fine now. If my friend was pulling the same crap I am, I would tell them how stupid they are and possibly even take their clubs away. Seriously... is there a trophy somewhere if I keep hurting my back and playing through the pain? At mid-40's I can't imagine what a disaster I'm going to be in another 5-10 years. Why is it so hard for me to just take 6-8 weeks off and let myself heal up? Rant over. -Mag
  6. Agreed. M is going to get smoked by them on Saturday (coming from a U of M Alum.)... But they won't let up against M... OSU will win by 60+. They're just on a whole different level.
  7. I would work out a deal between the pro shop and the local Big Brothers Big Sisters club to allow some lessons and and 9 hole outings for some kids. Maybe offer to help organize and and coach. -Mag
  8. Thanks. I got them 2 for $45 and had a GG gift card... ended up with 6 dozen lol.
  9. Lol, I used to be a charter captain for tarpon in SW Florida. I stopped when covid came to town and literally set out 16 rods by the road... they were gone in 10 minutes.
  10. My first eagle. SW from 80 yds. And a little obstacle on the next hole. He never did move… just let me take the ball like it was nothing new.
  11. Do you guys actually use the alignment stripe on them when teeing off, or is it just a gimmick? I bought 6 dozen btw... hopefully that will last me more than a few rounds.
  12. I just switched from Mizuno MP33 and MP20 blades to some Titleist 718 AP2's... I used to be a picker/sweeper with the Mizuno irons but with the worn leading edge on the AP2's it's A LOT easier to take a smooth divot here in FL.
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