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  1. I have both of these shafts in my possession, one of them will be used in my Epic Speed 3 wood. I am going Club Champion and going to see what the numbers say but before I go...can anyone give me some input on both and suggestions? Thanks !!
  2. I recently purchased a Epic Flash Hybrid with a tour ad 85x hybrid shaft on it. I was hitting balls on the Trackman and was getting numbers of 100mph club speed with 155-160 ball speed with a smash factor of 1.52-1.54 consistently. The pro at the facility was explaining any smash factor greater than 1.50 is considered an illegal club, granted with an occasional drive hitting 1.51. He said a hybrid should not be hitting 1.54 multiple times in a row. I am concerned that this club may be "hot" fake. I called Callaway up and the serial number on the head matches up, but they said some counterfeits
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