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  1. 100% agree with you. There coverage of golf stinks. At 1 point they came back from a commercial, showed 1 shot then went to the playing through thing. Ridiculous. I get during a normal tournament having to show delayed shots, but not when all the action is on 4 or 12 holes.
  2. If he really wanted to I would be ok with it. My guess for 23 would be Tiger if he isn’t able to be fully recovered and able to play at a high level, if he is then someone else. He would have the time and I think the players would really want to play for him. The biggest question is how many captains picks. I know the pandemic played into this, but I think Stricker benefitted from getting to pick six based on input from qualifiers.
  3. He made a similar remark about the Olympics and then said it was the best experience.
  4. I’m going to throw this out here. Alexa in a car has got to be the stupidest thing ever. I will leave out the rest of my thoughts so I don’t get banned.
  5. This is a whooping! Rahm and Lowry lost, Sergio on the brink. The fat lady is warming up!
  6. I think that the way a club looks to your eye at setup is extremely important, not the most, but important. I was looking at the Halo and my eye just can’t accept it. In order to change that they would have to be so much more accurate and longer, but the swing in the end matters more.
  7. Tiger probably was frustrated with having to have a partner. Phil does Phil things (same reason he doesn’t have more majors). Tiger was making $100 million a year, how much you going to pay him that he wouldn’t consider loose change in the couch.
  8. I know right! My genius won’t be fully appreciated until I’m gone!
  9. If Rahm wasn’t playing, this would be 13-3 going into singles. Rahm has been the best player of the 24.
  10. I like the hoodie. The problem with the Euro outfits were the belts, hideous.
  11. When Twitter, Instagram and TikTok were invented. Bryson working on long drives so when they ban his cheater putter (great phrase), he can still 3 putt for par.
  12. I think you get a couple halves early and Brooks clinches it. Then throws zinger in Lake Michigan.
  13. Picked JT cause I think you need someone that matches Sergio’s intensity and at the RC JT is intense.
  14. My picks 1 Rahm vs Brooks 2 Sergio vs JT 3 Lowry vs DJ 4 Hovland vs Xander 5 Rory vs Spieth 6 Fleetwood vs Cantlay 7 Hatton vs Colin 8 Casey vs Finau 9 Fitzpatrick vs Sheffler 10 Poulter vs Bryson 11 Westwood vs Berger 12 Weisberger vs English i do like the thought of putting English or Berger against Rahm as a sacrificial lamb, cause matches 11 & 12 won’t matter much.
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