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  1. I know this is a couple months old, but how much was the fitting at Izett golf? I just looked at their site and didn’t see pricing.
  2. Brooks does Phil type things sometimes. I know he pulled that tee shot but you know he was thinking “I’m knocking this stiff”.
  3. 15 minutes after this is over, Azinger needs to get a pink slip. He is awful.
  4. Who else hopes this ends in a Bryson Brooks playoff?
  5. Reading this thread has created a major need for a big bacon cheeseburger, fries, a milkshake, a few beers, a joint and a strip club.
  6. I would lose 50 pounds on that diet, cause I don’t like any of that stuff. At 19, my 2000 calorie diet was 20 Miller Lites.
  7. Fred Couples. To me the best swing in golf. Close 2nd David Duval.
  8. He won’t come back. Probably hurt his back or his knee again trying to rehab a broken leg.
  9. So I decided to go back to strictly the Graves method. Hit some balls and better contact, even though only doing half swings. The problem today are 1) confirming I need to get more flexible, 2) I have s hard time keeping trail foot on the ground. Now this could be because of problem 1.
  10. I’m guessing player A threw the punch. I could see punching your playing partner if he said he nailed your sister and his mom to, that is justifiable, and the lie I would be telling in this case.
  11. I went to a course today, didn’t play cause my time window didn’t allow, but on their website they had the green fees and cart prices and below it was stated that single rider would be charged extra $16. If it wasn’t voiced, written in the pro shop or on their website, I can understand the OP’s point, especially if he played the week before. Now a business can change their prices or policies at any time, but the course in my opinion could have said we will waive fee this time especially if there is no written policy posted.
  12. So I went to the range this afternoon and it was ugly. I probably hit 4 good shots out of 30. The 4 good ones were 3/4 wedges. For the most part it felt like I was topping the ball. I think I my body was coming up through impact. I think I need to do a lot of work on the ball striking drills. I’m not discouraged since I haven’t been to a driving range for 8 years, just need more practice. I would classify this range session as more Junge. Before I hurt my back a couple weeks ago, I felt I was making solid contact strictly following graves. The other thing is I think I need to pic
  13. Quick question for you guys, do you use grips based on hand size or do you use larger grips? I use standard grips based on hand size, but a lot of times it feels like I’m trying to choke the club. I was at a big box store and they had a set of pings with a jumbo golf pride sized grips. It felt so comfortable in my hands and the practice swings I didn’t feel like I was choking the club. So I’m thinking going oversized 5-PW and then midsize in 50*, 54* and 58*, cause I have a light grip when chipping. Is this a good idea?
  14. Anybody remember the can’t miss phenom Ty Tryon? At least Kaufman was actually on tour.
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