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  1. I used this approach a lot when I was trying to get to the point of constantly getting under 90.  If you play every hole as a 5 you will increase your chances to break 90.  As I got better I still use this approach on certain difficult holes.  If a hole has water short of the green and trouble behind, playing for 5 is a good option.  Eliminate double or triple. So you take a 5, you will most likely have other chances to get that stroke back.  

  2. I stepped away for 10 years, life got in the way and just didn’t have the time, I came back over this past summer.  I was frustrated with how I was playing and realized that I couldn’t put in the effort with everything going on.  Unless you can fully diagnose why your play isn’t meeting your expectations, then maybe you need to take a break and come back fresh, with new expectations. 

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  3. If nothing was going to change, I doubt Matt would have left.  Ian was probably feeling a lot of heat due to the pandemic, because the margins are pretty small, and realized his window to grow was closed and him cashing out was best for him before that closed.  


    Having never been been fit by TXG, TrueSpec or CC, it seems from my view, TXG and True Spec are more similar.

  4. Unless Georgia flip flopped with Alaska, you could play year round.  It’s solely a matter how dedicated you are, I could go chip off my mat into the snow if I had to get reps in.  I really think you need to toughen up and learn to deal with the elements, cause 50 to 60 degree weather are mild temps.  I would go where you can find the best job, and also offers a good course, practice facility and instructor, unless your parents are footing the bill.

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  5. If I’m under 6 hours it’s an automatic drive for me.  The basic 1 hour drive to airport, 1 hour before flight and flight time are my reasons, plus I would rather be able to stop and stretch my legs not in a plane.  9 or 10 hours if I’m spending at least a few days.  I prefer driving cause I hate flying, my dislike for hotels is a whole different story.

  6. 2 hours ago, Titleist99 said:

    let's be clear......In 2020 Phil earned $40M in endorsements money an $800k in tour winnings.


    I think you need to check your numbers, you win a major, your getting $1.2 million at least.  Then again I may be wrong, cause all these majors ran together cause of the covid bs.

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  7. I watched that video, and 2 things came to mind either people were accusing him or he feels others (BK after he kicked his butt) are and wanted to show he wasn’t. This doesn’t mean he didn’t in the early part of the transformation.  Really just five minutes of my life I won’t get back.

  8. Kids of highly successful athletes tend to not have the success of their parent.  The pressure to live up to their dad is suffocating.  Charlie has a lot of advantages others don’t have, but the others don’t have the pressure he will face.  I really don’t think Charlie will have a successful career as a pro, and he may not want it, but if he is having fun playing with his dad, great.  It won’t even take turning pro to have the comparisons to start, if he doesn’t win the junior amateur then he will be questioned.  I’m not a tiger fan, but the odds of someone, even his son coming along like him again are basically none

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  9. 9 minutes ago, Adam C said:

    The 200 and 300 series were some of the best fairway woods you could buy. That being said, they are now over 20 years old, lot of other newer options that would still be considered cheap.

    Thanks for the info.

  10. I used to have a TM Burner 7 Wood which was 1 of my favorite clubs.  It was sold when I stopped playing golf about 10 years ago.  I found a used 300 series 7 wood and was wondering if this was a good model when new?  Also curious as to when this was released as new?  I need to build my bag back up and would like to save some money with quality used if I can.  Thanks in advance.

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