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  1. Challenge failed already. I will be replacing everything in the coming months.
  2. 1st rule of secret putter club is don’t talk about secret putter club!
  3. I am guessing he was at a bar and they didn’t serve food so he ordered for a lot of people. The Uber eats charge is a lot cheaper than a DUI. I feel sorry for the person who has to clean the bathroom at the bar, hotel or at home after this. I used to consider Taco Bell a bargain when tacos were $0.79 now there like a $1.49 so I don’t eat there anymore.
  4. I would say that a new club may be more willing to negotiate cause they need to fill membership. An established club with a waiting list I doubt you could. I have heard some are a bit more flexible with how long you have to pay the initiation fee, so maybe that can be negotiated more. Last club I belonged to I could have spread it out over 2 years, but it was a modest fee that I payed upon signing up. I have never looked at clubs in this range, but if the initiation is $100-$200K, what is typical for paying that amount? I am assuming most don’t have that lying around to pay on day 1.
  5. We don’t exchange gifts with each other. If I want something I will go buy it. If someone insists, I will usually say gift card to Dick’’s.
  6. He also made a video where he made a way to hold the club while doing a regroup. It was a 2x4 and would store under the bed or in the corner of a closet.
  7. I think the other 3 are placing their top shelf bar order in their minds than asking player 1 to go get his ball. I may be way off based, but since I have never had or been in the group with an ace.
  8. Good picture, he won’t be holding a trophy. I am am not a fanboy of Tiger, respect his career, but listening to that press conference, I get the feeling he is done being competitive or even wanting to play. It would be a good ending to officially wrap up at the home of golf. He has nothing more to prove.
  9. I think he will try to play once or twice before the open, and then walk away from competitive golf at St. Andrews like Jack and Tom Watson, and taking the picture on the bridge just like them.
  10. Since Jack won in 86, I would say Masters, US Open, Open and then PGA. I also agree that the opens could be reversed based on if your from the US or Europe. I also think venue matters. If I was a pro, and had to choose a US Open or the Open at St. Andrews, I would take the Open.
  11. Nice, I think they are to be released next week in the US. TXG said the live on Monday will focus on the new Mizuno releases.
  12. Tiger’s Agent: “Don’t even think of getting on that bike, you have enough problems with driving something with 4 wheels”!
  13. Congrats to him, at least the offseason provides enough time to negotiate the Prenup
  14. Good for Katie doing this, at least she is trying to put her education to work. Cobra recently released 3D printed putters and the reviews seem mixed.
  15. Agree. But have we lost all ability to communicate as a society. Whenever I have sold items through a forum site, I always confirm with the buyer via an email or text the address the item is shipped to. I’m not taking the address on PayPal as fact.
  16. Hopefully will replace entire bag except putter. Will be doing a full bag fitting at some point. Driver/FW/Hybrid will depend on fitting results. For irons, I’m leaning towards Honma, Mizuno, Srixon or PXG. Wedges have always been Cleveland, so don’t envision changing.
  17. Phil would not beat BK as bad as you think. In fact I would put money on BK. Outside of the Champions Tour and the PGA hasn’t contended much either. Phil may have more tour wins by a wide margin, but in majors it’s 6-4 and Phil’s match play record isn’t great either, and I like Phil.
  18. Brooks whipped his butt. I think Brooks dislike for BDC is real and with Phil saying BDC will basically win easy, probably fueled BK even more. I wouldnt be surprised if Brooks wants a piece of Phil. I agree, bring back the skins game would be cool.
  19. I have never done a 3 club challenge, but I would never consider a putter, there is to much ground to cover that a putter seems useless. I would go fairway wood that is my best at finding fairways, 7i and 50* wedge.
  20. This is really the hill your willing to die on? It’s a made for TV event who cares.
  21. Yep! Personally I could care less, it’s not like he is close to competing. There should have been a thorough investigation, but he can thank Kobe for that.
  22. Never a brand in totality, but never liked Callaway Irons. I think some of it is you get used to the way something performs, so you don’t try another brand. Example I always played Cleveland wedges, so never tried the offerings from others.
  23. I always thought she absolutely piped the Caddy. So it was just an amazing hosel rocket! Works for me either way.
  24. Ok. I’m not an expert on the swing, but if your right foot is flared, I would think you have no option but to take the club more inside, cause you stance is probably slightly closed. Is your ball flight more of a left to right (draw)? I will flare my left foot a bit, because I feel it aids in rotation after impact.
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