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  1. They were vague with the criteria. If other players don’t get how it’s calculated then that’s an issue. If it wasn’t going to be subjective, players should have known what exactly gets you in the money. So let’s say 1 thing is google searches, on the day of and after his car accident, the searches were inflated. If him being so freaking famous is your reasoning, then call it what it is a popularity contest. Why isn’t Jack getting a cut? What is done on the course should matter more than your twitter or IG followers. Everyone will disagree and probably evicerate me, but I don’t believe Tiger brought as many people to golf as people think. Viewership yes, actually playing no.
  2. The whole PIP thing is so subjective and quite frankly is away to give some players free money to remain with the PGA tour. I was listening to Max Homa and the players don’t know what the criteria is and the tour said they aren’t releasing the winners. Imagine if the NFL said 10 teams will qualify for the playoffs, but they don’t tell the teams what they need to do to qualify, then a trophy is given to a random team. Its just completely subjective and useless. Spell out if the criteria is events played, new social media followers, most Pro-am’s played, who changed the game, etc. If Tiger was the winner and all he accomplished was being in a car accident this year, then this whole thing is a joke.
  3. My guess fitting on a mat and playing on grass. Take 1 club and have it bent another degree upright and see if that does it.
  4. I would say leave it open or add an extra wedge.
  5. We have more than enough annoying people talking about science these days. Whatever floats Bryson’s boat. Personally if I was a guy that makes millions in his 20’s, and this is what I think about, I might kick my own a**. He should focus on getting a hot chick, (if she has dimples that’s a plus), and a few beers and have some fun, scientifically speaking.
  6. The only way a 4 hcp is beating tiger at this point is in a track meet. I could probably beat him in the hundred, provided there is a defibrillator pacing me the whole way.
  7. Agree it’s non contact, but I skied competitively growing up and it is extremely physical. Between skiing and baseball my shoulders are shot.
  8. I have no issue playing with women, if they are better than me so be it. I don’t know if I would want to play exclusively with a significant other, just feel you need some me time on the course. I do like watching the LPGA, and agree that they aren’t the strongest putters, but they are super consistent from tee to green. Look at Annika at the senior open she hit virtually every fairway and green, you sink a few putts and you can score well.
  9. I could care less if he plays, but I would bet he doesn’t play until late 2022. Has a guy ever destroyed his body playing a non contact sport like TW.
  10. I like the idea. People will try to game the system. I wouldn’t give away free beer either. If someone has been drinking on the course and gets in an accident your free beer will bankrupt you. Here are my thoughts all based on 18 holes. 9 holes equals half the time. 1) develop an app that players download and keeps track of time. If they are falling behind you send an alert. 2) if they come in within the 4 hours they get refunded 25% of their green fee. Or they can take 50% off their restaurant/bar tab. 3) if a player fails to complete 3 rounds in a row under the 4 hours, they will be escorted by a marshal who will have the right to tell them to end a hole without finishing out and can be removed from the course. 4) if a group of 2 or more finishes under 3 hours 15 minutes, they get an incentive like free golf shirt, 1 month of free range balls or 1/2 price rounds for a month. Also so where is this course located?
  11. As someone who needs to replace most of his bag, I think going used on driver and woods is a good option. With that said, if your looking for a used driver, the prices on some aren’t a big savings over buying new. I don’t tend to flip clubs, so spending $1200 on a iron set I will keep for years, I don’t see the cost as that outrageous.
  12. The change in venue was probably the trade off for the increased purse. Having 1 final year in CA is better than yanking immediately.
  13. If your on the tour you are definitely in the top 5% of all golfers in the world in both ball striking and putting.
  14. Since you say it is a friendly game, why not just say it is lift clean and place outside the fairway. That way you are all playing under the same terms. If you want to improve your lie and that leads to you shooting 3 strokes better so be it. If you don’t then play by the rules as they are written, and enforce them.
  15. I used to play with a guy who cheated. We would play for $20, so not a large sum. So I was puzzled how he beat me, so started watching closely. After 2 more rounds, I told him if he wants to continue cheating, we I’ll never play for money again. He gets all pissed off and trying to pick a fight, then his buddy chimes in, “You’re the biggest cheater, that’s why we don’t play for money”. So my stance is any comp or if money is involved, you cheat I’m calling you out.
  16. Cool! But why and what were you hoping to achieve with this experiment?
  17. Not sure of any amount, but I could see some sort of retainer situation. It just seems to me that they could make more from the masses that want to say they take lessons from Tigers coach.
  18. All this talk makes me wonder, do tour players pay their coaches or is there some other arrangement. Take Colin Morikowa, does he pay his coaches rate and expenses to travel to a specific tournament? Or since Colin is 1 of the top players, does the coach use that to build his other clientele/business/teaching academy?
  19. I’m playing a very old set of Titleist irons. I don’t find them forgiving and eventually be replaced next year. With that said, I believe that it is the golfer and his swing that matter more, but your clubs being right for you will help.
  20. I’m sure every single player has an LLC, when your dealing with taxes in multiple states, expenses and everything else it only makes sense.
  21. If your a professional athlete, and that person is solely working for you, traveling with you, $100K may actually be lower end. Tom Brady, LeBron that spend a couple million on their bodies a year, there trainer is making a very good living.
  22. I would guess that travel and lodging are picked up on the sponsors dime, what I mean is that if you are sponsored by TaylorMade, besides clubs and clothing you may get $500K a year, which should cover those expenses. If your sponsored by a hotel or a Netjets, you may get free lodging and reduce flight costs.
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