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  1. As someone who needs to replace most of his bag, I think going used on driver and woods is a good option. With that said, if your looking for a used driver, the prices on some aren’t a big savings over buying new. I don’t tend to flip clubs, so spending $1200 on a iron set I will keep for years, I don’t see the cost as that outrageous.
  2. The change in venue was probably the trade off for the increased purse. Having 1 final year in CA is better than yanking immediately.
  3. If your on the tour you are definitely in the top 5% of all golfers in the world in both ball striking and putting.
  4. Since you say it is a friendly game, why not just say it is lift clean and place outside the fairway. That way you are all playing under the same terms. If you want to improve your lie and that leads to you shooting 3 strokes better so be it. If you don’t then play by the rules as they are written, and enforce them.
  5. I used to play with a guy who cheated. We would play for $20, so not a large sum. So I was puzzled how he beat me, so started watching closely. After 2 more rounds, I told him if he wants to continue cheating, we I’ll never play for money again. He gets all pissed off and trying to pick a fight, then his buddy chimes in, “You’re the biggest cheater, that’s why we don’t play for money”. So my stance is any comp or if money is involved, you cheat I’m calling you out.
  6. Cool! But why and what were you hoping to achieve with this experiment?
  7. Not sure of any amount, but I could see some sort of retainer situation. It just seems to me that they could make more from the masses that want to say they take lessons from Tigers coach.
  8. All this talk makes me wonder, do tour players pay their coaches or is there some other arrangement. Take Colin Morikowa, does he pay his coaches rate and expenses to travel to a specific tournament? Or since Colin is 1 of the top players, does the coach use that to build his other clientele/business/teaching academy?
  9. I’m playing a very old set of Titleist irons. I don’t find them forgiving and eventually be replaced next year. With that said, I believe that it is the golfer and his swing that matter more, but your clubs being right for you will help.
  10. I’m sure every single player has an LLC, when your dealing with taxes in multiple states, expenses and everything else it only makes sense.
  11. If your a professional athlete, and that person is solely working for you, traveling with you, $100K may actually be lower end. Tom Brady, LeBron that spend a couple million on their bodies a year, there trainer is making a very good living.
  12. I would guess that travel and lodging are picked up on the sponsors dime, what I mean is that if you are sponsored by TaylorMade, besides clubs and clothing you may get $500K a year, which should cover those expenses. If your sponsored by a hotel or a Netjets, you may get free lodging and reduce flight costs.
  13. That guy probably shouldn’t drink and drive.
  14. This is how this went down. CBS to Monahan you have 2 choices you need to make the farmer’s a Wednesday to Saturday event or final round no broadcast. Monahan to CBS Why? CBS to Monahan, we aren’t paying you $3 billion for broadcast rights.
  15. 100% agree with you. There coverage of golf stinks. At 1 point they came back from a commercial, showed 1 shot then went to the playing through thing. Ridiculous. I get during a normal tournament having to show delayed shots, but not when all the action is on 4 or 12 holes.
  16. If he really wanted to I would be ok with it. My guess for 23 would be Tiger if he isn’t able to be fully recovered and able to play at a high level, if he is then someone else. He would have the time and I think the players would really want to play for him. The biggest question is how many captains picks. I know the pandemic played into this, but I think Stricker benefitted from getting to pick six based on input from qualifiers.
  17. He made a similar remark about the Olympics and then said it was the best experience.
  18. I’m going to throw this out here. Alexa in a car has got to be the stupidest thing ever. I will leave out the rest of my thoughts so I don’t get banned.
  19. This is a whooping! Rahm and Lowry lost, Sergio on the brink. The fat lady is warming up!
  20. I think that the way a club looks to your eye at setup is extremely important, not the most, but important. I was looking at the Halo and my eye just can’t accept it. In order to change that they would have to be so much more accurate and longer, but the swing in the end matters more.
  21. Tiger probably was frustrated with having to have a partner. Phil does Phil things (same reason he doesn’t have more majors). Tiger was making $100 million a year, how much you going to pay him that he wouldn’t consider loose change in the couch.
  22. I know right! My genius won’t be fully appreciated until I’m gone!
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