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  1. I know right! My genius won’t be fully appreciated until I’m gone!
  2. If Rahm wasn’t playing, this would be 13-3 going into singles. Rahm has been the best player of the 24.
  3. I like the hoodie. The problem with the Euro outfits were the belts, hideous.
  4. When Twitter, Instagram and TikTok were invented. Bryson working on long drives so when they ban his cheater putter (great phrase), he can still 3 putt for par.
  5. I think you get a couple halves early and Brooks clinches it. Then throws zinger in Lake Michigan.
  6. Picked JT cause I think you need someone that matches Sergio’s intensity and at the RC JT is intense.
  7. My picks 1 Rahm vs Brooks 2 Sergio vs JT 3 Lowry vs DJ 4 Hovland vs Xander 5 Rory vs Spieth 6 Fleetwood vs Cantlay 7 Hatton vs Colin 8 Casey vs Finau 9 Fitzpatrick vs Sheffler 10 Poulter vs Bryson 11 Westwood vs Berger 12 Weisberger vs English i do like the thought of putting English or Berger against Rahm as a sacrificial lamb, cause matches 11 & 12 won’t matter much.
  8. If BK fuels this comeback and beats Rahm and Garcia, if I was picking singles opponents I would have Brooks play Rahm tomorrow.
  9. NBC should lose the right to broadcast golf. The come back from a commercial, show 1 shot then go to that playing through stuff. I’ve noticed it isn’t just during Ryder Cup. I thought it would be closer overall, but US has played real solid to this point.
  10. I came back from a long layoff of not playing and have tried several. First tried stack and tilt, realized fairly quickly it wasn’t for me. Next tried Graves Golf (single plane swing), just didn’t feel right with the arms and legs. The thing I have liked the best and still doing the drills is Athletic Motion Golf (AMG). I like the way they teach and just seems to click with my way of learning. I started with their free video collection and would probably move to the pay content soon. Would love a lesson with them.
  11. I don’t care how people spend their money, and never suggested the OP was crazy for buying a Tonal. My point was the subscription services and equipment aren’t a great value when you have other options. I have a nice home gym (spin bike, treadmill, weights), and I don’t have to pay $600 a year extra on subscriptions, you may enjoy the extra expense, so be it. The last thing I will say is I totally agree it is more convenient to stay home and workout, than going to a gym.
  12. Don’t disagree with anything you said, but there are less expensive options. If you join a nice gym for $30 a month, it is still less expensive over time. Now if Tonal or Peloton gave the equipment as part of the subscription it would be a different conversation.
  13. First of all, won’t hold playing for the Red Sox against you. I have heard good things about Tonal, but my main issue with it and Peloton are the subscription services you basically need to pay for. They really should discount the equipment, because $4000 and $50/month just seems like you will never get your investment back. Then again maybe if I dropped the $4k I would be more motivated to get my out of shape a** back in shape.
  14. They already do this, we’re just dumb enough to believe they don’t. You could be a little off or your partner could be as well, which makes the difference in an 18 hole match. I will say that Tiger’s record is surprising, cause in his career, he was always the “best” player and made few mistakes.
  15. 1) Done 2) Done 3) West Long Branch, NJ 4) No 5) Irons would be what I focus on first, but really the whole bag needs to be done.
  16. If I played good, I skip the 19th hole. If I played poorly by the second beer I’m usually over it.
  17. The commercials are bad. Money doesn’t buy good taste. With all that said when I am ready to buy I will look at them, just wish they were more readily available to test and get fitted.
  18. If you like the mid and short Irons why not try something like the T200 or the Mizuno 921 in the clubs you want to replace.
  19. I have a 7 and it’s in need of an upgrade, but just don’t want to spend the money. Eventually I will have no choice, already replaced battery, and connecting off WiFi is slow. My biggest issue is you upgrade and then 6 months later a new version comes out, so it always seems like old tech.
  20. Welcome to the internet! The place where you can be an anonymous A**hole without any consequences.
  21. Maybe make it more like a normal week on tour. These guys don’t need to be secluded in a hotel with the vice captains and there wives doing “team building” as individuals. Like I mentioned in another post, maybe include the caddies as part of the team.
  22. All these athletes take naps. But not being able to see your team is an issue, what if Brooks, Tiger or anyone else wasn’t allowed to see their physical therapist or masseuse prior to a round, which in a normal week they do to get ready. Brooks made a comment that caddies aren’t in the team rooms, kind of excluded, that is a negative as well. Caddie/player are more of a team than the players on the Ryder Cup Team, and the players are more likely to listen to them than the captain.
  23. Remember this is an odd year, usually the captain only gets 2 picks, so I think with automatic qualifiers it would be hard to kick some one of cause a perceived lack of patriotism. The only real way to get tour pros excited, would be to put up $25 million or some other dollar amount. After all green is usually the first color after Red, White and Blue.
  24. And he doesn’t give a s**t about what people say. If you believe that people need to be super hyped in terms of perceived patriotism, then get rid of the automatic qualifiers and let the captain pick his 12 players. I guarantee you will see false patriotism just so lower tier players are considered.
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