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  1. Take the top 90, after first event top 60 move on, after second event top 30 move on. Scores are cumulative. So let’s take an example of top 2 finishers in tour championship. So player A shoots 13 under, 3 under and 5 under, total is 21 under. Player B shoots 6 under, 16 under and even, total is 22 under and he wins.
  2. Mics on caddies and players I could get behind this idea! It may have to be on a different channel because some salty language may be used. Maybe it’s 30 seconds before the shot and then it’s shut off.
  3. First of all his media boycott started after he bashed Cobra in the press, so it’s hard to blame the media when he kinda started it. His quest for knowledge or analytics makes perfect sense, does he take if further than most yes, but in a sport where inches and feet can be huge, it makes sense. Never having any interaction with him I can’t say if he is a good guy or not, but as I have mentioned in other Bryson threads, there just something that makes me not root for him, a lot he brings on himself. Soloman1, great write up, and it seems you did help him, but agree he could have responded with a simple thank you, only takes 15 seconds.
  4. I don’t really have an issue with them throwing or breaking clubs unless someone gets hurt. Van Royen at Northern Trust came pretty close to crossing the line.
  5. He is just awful, says the same thing over and over, extremely negative (but a lot are). From the NBC golf crew, I would actually rather have Bones in the tower with the extremely poor mans Jim Nantz (Dan Hicks).
  6. I think he is interesting, quirky, creates drama and sometimes says some really stupid stuff, other than that, not sure why I can’t bring myself to root for him.
  7. I have been called a lot worse than weird in my life.
  8. A hybrid or lefty putter would probably the best option if you are knocking it 10-15 yards on the ground. I also like the thought of a single length iron or ladies club.
  9. So a new TM video with Rory and Tommy Fleetwood hitting left handed shots and another course vlog where a KFT player was up against a tree and turned his club over. This got me thinking. If you had your bag set up with perfect gapping, and it only took 13 clubs, and if you played on a tree lined course, would you put a left handed club in your bag in the event you were up against a tree or other obstacle? If you would do this, what Iron would you choose? Personally I think 7 iron.
  10. The key word was hope, but by the time enough people buy at the new price, the rest will just need to get in line.
  11. It’s a delicate balance of raising prices to cover costs and being a greedy corporate entity. Nationwide gas prices have increased by $1 per gallon. So there is going to be a trickle down effect, bringing in raw materials or completed goods those costs have gone up. TM or others have to ship to retailers or consumers, UPS, FedEx and USPS costs have gone up. So if a driver now costs $25 more to get into a consumers hands, it is only smart business to raise the end price to the consumer. Now when things stabilize you hope they will rollback the increases.
  12. To me his sounds like Phil keeping his name in the news as he is about to exit the playoffs and needs to increase his clicks for the bonus money. Maybe this is a rope a dope, players blasting reducing length so OEMs can trade length for bigger heads more distance on heads.
  13. TPC Sawgrass, TPC Scottsdale, TPC River Highlands and Harbour Town.
  14. Even though they have retail stores in some areas, I would still consider them DTC. I just can’t stand their marketing.
  15. If they wanted to wear shorts during tournament rounds, they would have done it when they wanted approval to wear during practice rounds. I will say the LPGA and LET dress a lot better than the men.
  16. Cam Smith looks like an early 80’s pornstar. Poulter probably spends hundreds of thousands a year on coaches, chefs, etc., but based on that look, you know he doesn’t spend a f**cking dime on a stylist or a mirror.
  17. This coming weekend, go out and get blitzed, then when you wake up, start drinking again, plan for a beer every other hole, go home and pass out until club championship. You will have no idea what you shot, so you will have no bad thoughts.
  18. With as much as he has been traveling (remember he flew in late to Olympic s) I would bet he was rundown got a cold. If you have a compromised immune system, it’s not hard to have a simple cold turn into pneumonia. Plus I thought he was at Northern Trust on Monday and Tuesday. If it was COVID tour probably would have announced.
  19. Before your fitting did you have swing speed numbers? The carry could be less due to AoA. Maybe it is a shaft or swing weight issue.
  20. I’m not a fan of a player being able to miss a playoff event and move on to the next round. If I was the commissioner for a day, I would make the FedEx cup playoffs be the following. However the points are calculated they still use, but the winners of every event are automatically in, then you take the top 25 in points of non winners. So let’s say this is around 65 players. First event after 72 holes, top 32 in the tournament advance to finals. If there is 8 tied for 32, they have a playoff. Final tournament is 72 holes, winner takes all.
  21. I don’t get the need for belt loops. I mean your wearing gym shorts with untucked shirt, who is going to see if you have a belt on. The drawstring should keep them up. If you need to wear a belt, just buy lightweight golf shorts
  22. I can see some of the merits of what Sutton does, but I would think this practice would be better with a six iron, more center of the bag.
  23. Not arguing with you, but at the FedEx St. Jude, Harris English, playing with Bryson indicated that them being placed on the clock made him start to rush, which he said probably contributed to some of his poor shots on the back nine, even though he didn’t want to use as excuse. I don’t think Harris is a slow player, so maybe the whole group as you say isn’t on the clock, but it sure seems to affect the entire group.
  24. I don’t like when they put an entire group on the clock, it is obvious who is playing slow. Before the round starts it should be this is your warning, slow play will result in stroke penalty.
  25. I know Bayonne had some contaminated sites but not as bad as LN site. But NJ has several places that are so contaminated that nothing will be done with them. There is a 9 hole course in Clark that was built on a site similar to LN.
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