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  1. Interesting. Don’t play these types of bunkers but good to know if I ever do. Thx.
  2. We’ll look forward to that, Greg.
  3. Played this ball today for the first time as well as a Srixon Z XV (first time with this as well). They both seemed very firm, with the Left dash almost feeling like a rock with irons. Drives were longer than usual with both and both seemed to have less spin on approach shots onto green and/or longer, still trying to figure that out. I love the spin reduction on drives on both of these balls. Not sure how helpful this was, just another review.
  4. I’m most impressed you carried 5 sets of irons to the range
  5. I use to open the face with my 54 S out of the sand and experienced exactly what you described activating too much bounce and inconsistent shots. I switched to square and it is effortless out of bunkers. I’m doing the same with my 58 D out of the sand as well.
  6. 4.5 index. Play a 73/138 on my home course that’s a par 72. Average score is 82. Have recent 20 rounds between 76-93
  7. I took this advice and shot my best round of 76. Went over the green twice. Thank you.
  8. I compared my SZ with my LA Golf Olyss S shaft (65g) against the Epic Speed and the Epic Max LS with their stock shafts and with my shaft. Wasn’t even close and I kept what I had
  9. What were your numbers like before? I think this is a pretty average carry for an 8 iron.
  10. Let us know how it goes.
  11. lefty here. 1. Scotty Cameron Phantom X 7.5 2. Ping 2021 Kushin 4
  12. I think the difficulty of the green you are playing should matter somehow. Maybe a separate rating calculation for the green difficulty. I just played the plantation course at kapalua last week and there’s just no way I believe that most here claiming they are such good putters wouldn’t just get absolutely destroyed out there.
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