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  1. Cantlay is the sort of player thru his career who will find a way to miss a shot like this now
  2. Probably going another hole. Bryson has to hope Cantlay totally muffs this shot out of the rough
  3. He probably puts this one 7 feet out and then misses lol
  4. Yeah NBC does not buy extra ad time I don't believe for playoffs, CBS always does
  5. This could go for 2 hours easily...18 is gonna play was 3-3 or 4-4 with guys running this good most of the time
  6. Cantlay should have like 3 majors...the problem is he usually has 3 or 4 miserable tee shots even on his best days where he shoots 62 which are enough to do him in
  7. LOL of course because I have to go to dinner he makes it
  8. Probably still is. Bryson is gonna play this conservatively and force Cantlay to go for broke.
  9. Neither guy wants to be first on that hole but I think once Bryson missed and risked a 4 with a bad up and down the pressure sort of went to Cantlay to get that close because 18 is somewhat straightforward and it would be hard to make a stroke up there
  10. He's gotta have this now
  11. So much for that. Should still be tied after 16
  12. Here we go....fairway here I think Bryson wins
  13. It probably comes down to 16. If Bryson puts it on the fairway he probably wins. Cantlay has not done exceptionally well on these last 4 holes speaking relatively this week so I feel 16 is the only one he has a great shot to birdie.
  14. His issue was he got too conservative late yesterday. He left 2-3 possible strokes on the table. If he goes in today up 2 or 3 its way different
  15. until he putts consistently though I think he's an Open/Hazardless USO/PGA sort of guy. He is not a prime Masters threat unless obviously he strikes gold with putting like this again for 2-3 days.
  16. I think many, including myself questioned if he could do it under normal circumstances this easily. Last years win was obviously with no fans. I thought it might take him 2-3 close calls and missing out before he did it again
  17. Morikawa is like the only mundane golfer/tennis player/coach I have ever liked. I typically do not like non fiery/emotional people in those sports or jobs because it gives the impression to me they do not care. That is why I was never a huge fan of Brooks
  18. It feels like he should be up 4 or 5 but he's only up 2
  19. Has another 10-20% makeable one which is all you can ask for after where he was.
  20. There is no way he saves this one right? lol
  21. 15 and 16 are dangerous. 17 and 18 not so much. I think if gets thru 16 up 1 he's probably fine
  22. If Morikawa birdies this now he's an upcoming GOAT for sure
  23. Collin probably birdies this hole, but if he does not this gets real interesting
  24. First time contending in a real environment so who knows how he responds now that he's ahead. This is a big tee shot coming up here.
  25. Basically could be over within 2 holes. I don't think Morikawa is going to blow a 3 or 4 stroke lead. If he can keep it at 2 here the pressure stays on
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