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  1. Bought a TA #3 at Dicks recently. Can't beat the price. At first thought it was a little light. Now that used it a few times it my fav putter. And I have more than i'd like to admit. The grip feels little slippery to me, but otherwise I really recommend it.
  2. I'm currently bought maxfli tour and tour x. 2 dozen for 60 bucks. maybe it's me but the tour ball doesn't stop on greens, but i REALLY like the tour x ball. it's performing right up there with prov1 and tp5 in all my test categories. 7 iron, 50yd wedge and driver.
  3. I like the Tommy Armour brand. I just bought the #3 putter and driver. I have like 10 putters (including an anser) and it's my fav. The driver reminds me alot of my TM burner, which IMO is best driver ever. I just keep buying used burners.
  4. Nice. It looks like you can search as well. https://www.usga.org/ConformingGolfBall/conforming_golf_ball.asp
  5. where is that list? couldn't find it.
  6. I just chatted with someone from Dicks and they said the new maxfli tour balls are usga legal.
  7. Yes there is a smallish visible seam on both tour and tour x balls. It doesn't look as big as the snell seam.
  8. Are the maxfli cg tour balls legal in tournaments?
  9. I really like the putter. You were spot on.
  10. I bought his videos and its the same thing over and over. Dead hands. Gimme a break. Don't waste your money.
  11. Good to hear. I just ordered one off carlsgolfland. Does it come with head over?
  12. I'm gonna try the wilson southside.
  13. Maybe it's me but i think they're pretty good looking sitting next to my Kirkland Korn (popcorn).
  14. Ive owned a couple vokeys and don't care for them. It's probably me but I can't hit em. Snapped a shaft last year after yet another misshit.
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