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  1. Good point. I’ll loft it up few clicks and see if it makes a difference. I also dont feel like i am loading tensei orange enough. It feels like 2 x 4 when my timing is off.
  2. Hello, i play tensei ck pro orange which is a counter balanced shaft that has, by design, more mass in the butt section than other regular shafts. I Was told that you would lose 3sw for every 1/2” of the shaft you trim. However, i think you should expect the shaft that has more mass in the butt should lose more SW than a standard mid balance shaft. does anyone know how much sw i should expect to lose if i butt trim 1/2” off ck pro orange? I just have a standard sim head with a standard tour velvet 360.
  3. I havent considered ventus red. Maybe i should. I have normally been a high ball hitter with AOA of 3-5 degree. I’ve never thought i would struggle with hitting it low. lol. I saw justin thomas using ventus red at one point, so i know it’s not reserved for a slower ss too. Do you have a sense as to how much height increase you would expect with red compared to blue? from what i have read it looks like black is slightly higher or comparable to orange, blue is noticeably higher than black with a more kick. But not much on red. Do you know how 1k white would compared to orang
  4. Thanks. Should the flight be any different between blue 6x or 6s?
  5. Hi All, I have recently switched to SIM 9’ head with tensei CK pro Orange 6s (1/2” tipped) from TS2 9.5’ with the stock hzrdus black 60 stiff. My ball flight with TS2 was too high for my liking. But now with SIM, the ball flight is too low. I like the ball speed and low spin characteristic of SIM head. I was wondering if ventus blue or black could provide a higher flight compared tensei orange. Unfortunately, fitting is not an option for me at this moment. I will just have to make the purchase based on the best guess and try it out... my swing speed is about 107-110mph with th
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