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  1. Well,I had actually at least swung the clubs pretty good without that paralysis through analysis until that day. I was just wondering if anyone here had used music to kind of get them in a more comfortable practice mode.
  2. So, my second lesson is coming up Tuesday. I was practicing in the backyard the other day hitting foam balls against the back of the garage. As soon as I started, it was like I was "afraid" to even start the back swing. I mean my mind and body was froze. No one was watching me. I mean it was like I couldn't start the back swing even if someone was gonna pay me $100. I finally was able to start, and I feel that I started doing the full swing slowly and made decent contact. My question is do you all practice with a net, driving range, etc. with music playing and maybe ear buds in? Or do you have to have it totally quiet? I am thinking with music going, I won't have these crazy, frozen thoughts. Many thanks.
  3. Oh, I totally agree. I kinda do know it. Just impact position has my stuck in brain freeze mode.
  4. Can anyone give me a shortcut way of thinking about this movement? Like, I teach 6th grade math. I provide my students with strategies, tips, hints, etc. so they can remember procedures as steps and vocabulary. Does anyone have a way to remember the process of unwinding this rotation, having hands and arms in the right position, and so forth? Thanks for all the help.
  5. Yeah, I like that approach. I just feel like I need to get my body and brain on the same level that it is more of a body rotation than an outright swing.
  6. Yeah, when we talked on the phone, I told him I was a total beginner. I didn't really have a full swing that needed tweaked. I needed a full swing that would be complete built from the ground up. He also told me to be patient with the process. He seems to be a nice guy and listens to my concerns and questions and addresses them. I honestly think this is his way of teaching the swing, building up to the full swing with a focus on impact.
  7. Oh I totally agree with that. Yes, I plan on practicing what he provided which was bring the club back at about the 9:00 position and swing through to the 3:00 position or a little above, but place a lot of emphasis on pushing off from the right foot with some hip/torso turn and having that point of impact were the hands are about the right thigh or a little past with the club shaft angled and hands in front of ball. That last part is really tough for my brain and body to get reach that position. It is such an odd, awkward feeling. He said that I am using arms/hands too much. It's like i have to get it in my head that the power is coming from the rotation and not the arms. In all my years of watching golf, I never really noticed golfers having the club shaft angled at impact or lag or whatever and hands in front of the ball when hitting.
  8. He said he teaches from the hole out. My putting was actually the best part for me. Chipping was okay. I let him determine the lesson as I am a beginner. Many here said to trust him and the process. He knows more than I do, which is so true. We focused on grip and posture before moving on to pitching. He really wanted to spend most of the time on point of impact in relation to the position of the body, and, man, I tell you that is one weird position. Feels totally awkward. I let the instructor decide the focus of the lesson because I don't really have a set swing. In my "not worked on swing", I was handsy. I need to find a way to uncoil and have the club meet the ball with hands past the ball. Thanks for the reply.
  9. Anyone have drill or video of the sequence of the downswing? Like hips, trunk , shoulders, arms? Is that correct? Also any tips on getting to that impact position to have hands in front of the ball? Thanks. I have two weeks to practice.
  10. Well, back from first lesson. Man, it was a $h!+ show for sure. I putted decently, I chipped halfway mediocre, and pitching was downright horrible. Didn't even get to full swing which I thought would be the case anyway. No big deal there. At 3 lessons for $135, I feel this instructor is going to be $2,000 richer before I get the ball out of the tee box. Impact with the hands in front of the ball and shaft angled slightly is going to be a major challenge. My body and brain together don't want to let that happen yet. Next lesson is in two weeks.
  11. Hey thanks. Well, I have taken the approach of barely touching the clubs before seeing the instructor. Many here recommended that. I mean, I have swung the clubs a few times in the backyard, hitting a few foam balls against the back of the garage and out in the yard. I have only had my "new to me" clubs (and first set ever) for about two months and really only did this for about an hour or two total over that two month period. Hitting topped balls and 10 foot dribblers sends me back inside pretty quickly. Honestly, the instructor doesn't have much to revamp. I really don't have "a grip" or "a swing". I am plenty anxious to get started and somewhat nervous at the same time.
  12. Finally, my first lesson is this evening. The instructor talked with me on the phone the other night for 20-30 minutes. He really listened and seemed to actually "care". Three lesson package for $135. So, what do I need to expect? I hate that he will have to see my actually swing a club. On the driving range, honestly, I hate for anyone to have to witness it. Thanks for any input.
  13. Yeah, I have a set of Eye 2's now. Great condition and got them for $100. First lesson is tomorrow night. I have been trying for almost two months to get lined up with a good instructor. Finally, it is going to happen. I was liking the looks of those S59s. I trust the call on them not being totally for a beginner.
  14. Are these Ping S59s good for a beginner? Forgiving, good large sweet spot, etc.? They look pretty awesome.
  15. If this has already been posted, I apologize. What is like your best find for low money? What was it and was it a yard sale, online, goodwill, estate sale, someone didn't know what they had?
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