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  1. Got some tips of how to remove the rust/dirt without any chemicals and tried. I dont want to use anything that schratches the surface but it looks better now
  2. Thank you! Do you have any idea if its worth to refurbish or if its worth anything?
  3. Hi guys! I used to work at a golf course in, Sweden as a greenkeeper. When you work as a greenkeeper, you cant imagine what kind of golf equipment youll find on a daily basis, balls, broken clubs, bags left broken in the woods and so on. A couple of years ago, I found a broken putter in a pond (no doubt the golfer missed a close putt and threw the putter in the water at hole 17!). Now to my question, it is a Scotty Cameron Newport, but it looks old, and I cant seem to find much information about it. Is it worth anything? Would it work to restore it? Hop
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