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  1. @lefty1978 Have to say thank you for the suggestion. Club turned out great and got to test for the first time last night. Pretty solid numbers overall and impressed with the feel of the iron itself. Went with a 39.5 inch Paderson KG95-IRP40 iron shaft and had the lie angle bent quite a bit up to 58.5 and stuck with the 11 degree loft.
  2. Krank and SharkAttackGolf have good options.
  3. Question - Does anyone know if the PRGR "not the 2021 model" can register 200+mph ball speed?
  4. Went to put in an order and the left handed 0 irons are on back order. Going to be a few weeks until the build can proceed. Going to give Bang a try but might test another as well.
  5. The high swing speed creates a bit of a unique requirement with clubs but a fun excuse to go to some extremes on builds.
  6. I should have mentioned left handed. Tends to make that selection even smaller. That price makes it even more of a shame they don't carry it in LH definitely would be worth a try.
  7. Has anyone bent or found a driving iron that can get down to that 12 degree range? Currently have a ZX Utility dialed down to 16 but I'm interested in finding something a step lower.
  8. Picked up the 18 degree recently and have a round and some range time with a monitor under my belt with it and couldn't be happier. Received it with the Recoil 95 XS which is definitely not the correct shaft for me but is acceptable for now. The distance and feel of the ZX utility was way beyond what I was able to test with the Titleist. - Did not have that overly hollow feel - Looks great at address - Workability was still there - Ball speeds and distance were fantastic. Fits my need for that 300 yard club while keeping the launch down for windy days.
  9. Was fit for the accra iseries125 with my ZX7 irons and they feel/look amazing. They really stood out from everything else that was thrown my way during the fitting. Just got a few extras to test in the wedges. Highly suggest giving them a go.
  10. Purchased a F11 Pro coming up on a year ago. Broke the first one in a month and the customer service was great and had me a replacement in a week. Since then I've had 0 issues with it and the performance is fantastic. One of the few brands that make a lower degree left handed driver. Have this dialed down to 6.5 degrees for regular play with a hzrdus smoke green which has been rock solid. Would definitely suggest giving them a try. I'll be purchasing their F11 LD model shortly.
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