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  1. how about those pinnacle balls? I remember bought a box with 15 golf balls..... but I dont remember the specific model....
  2. it is not the compression..... V1x is lower spin than the original V1..... good for golfers with slower swing speed below 100 mph....
  3. I bought this dozen once. Do they still make it?
  4. I kinda like this video.... it is like a music video for a golf ball. And much much better than other "amateur" golf review videos who just keep talking without showing the actual testing the golf ball. I closed those videos after 30 seconds but this specific clip lasts about 5 minutes for me....
  5. I'm in the market for $15 a dozen golf ball since I dont really care for distance...... and then I found this video ...... This wilson ultra looks interesting, it has 15 golf balls instead of a dozen and the distance seems a bit longer. Does anyone have anyexperience with Wilson ultra?
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