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  1. I would buy a set of the irons in the photo. They look far better than the U.S. release IMO.
  2. Does anyone else think the 223 looks like a Ping I210. The bar in the cavity looks almost identical. Are any of the tour pros using the 223 or just the 221? Also, does anyone have any idea where the 223 is supposed to sit forgiveness wise against the JPX Tour? I realize they are two different lineups but it seems like they are kind of spilling into each other at this point.
  3. Sorry if I missed this, I can only scroll through so many pages before my eyes cross, but is PING planning to update the i210 in the near future? I love mine but they are getting pretty ugly. I59's are too much club for me.
  4. I'm not a big fan of the matte finish but will buy them simply for the lack of offset and the shaping. Well done to Titleist.
  5. Is the TC201 a bit more forgiving than the CB501? Just looking at pictures, it seems the TC210 has more perimeter weighting and a bit more meat on the sole. This would be a good thing for me. The pickle I'm in is that I really need the low offset and the thinner sole, but I also wouldn't mind a bit of extra help. I like the CB301 but it has far too much offset for my needs and the MC501 sounds like too much club for me. TC210 makes sense.
  6. I played the Miura CB 501's for 8 years. Went to a set of I210's for forgiveness and find them both less forgiving and shorter than the 501's. I think I'd like to go back to Miura but can't quite figure out what replaced them in the current lineup. The MC 501 seems the most similar (plus the name similarities).
  7. The Matrix Ozik Code shafts were always my favorite back in the day. I loved the feel of the "hinge technology" or whatever they called it, and the mid launch and low/mid spin of the shaft suited me well. Unfortunately, I can't seem to find these shafts anywhere so I am looking for a more modern shaft that offers a similar profile, feel, etc. If any of the tech experts out there could help I would really appreciate it! Thanks!!
  8. I'm hoping that perhaps someone can help me out with a serious swing issue that I've been having. For the last year or so, my ball striking has gone significantly downhill. Now, I have not seen any drop off on well struck shots, but I have noticed a steep drop off and a higher frequency of extremely poor shots. What seems to happen on these shots is that my right hand breaks down at impact and sort of halfway slides off of the club. As a result the grip very often actually makes a rub mark impression on my right forearm through impact -- to the point where my right forearm has been bruised after a practice session. The result of this shot is either a pull hook or a very weak sort of half shank. At this point, I'm really having difficulty finding a fix. I took a look at my swing on video with a PGA pro and it looked pretty solid from a general standpoint. I have a one idea of what might be causing the problem, which I will share below. However, I'd be really interested in any feedback you could offer. I've noticed that in my grip the heel of my right hand seems to meet my left thumb right at the top of the thumb, sort of just before the major joint (i.e. the joint that connects your thumb to your hand). I have tried a few swings where I cover the joint with the heel of my right hand and that does seem to reduce the issue. However, I'm not sure if that is a good way to grip the club or not.Thanks!!
  9. > @GoGoErky said: > > @robbie91 said: > > So, I'll be the first to admit I'm lazy and am not adding to the conversation -- but when are they expected to release the new woods? > > Less than 90 days Thank you, sir. Quite frankly, I'm just waiting on the prices of the M5 fairways to drop but I'm also excited for you folks ready to grab the new gear!
  10. > @Stetson said: > ****. Links K might be the best wedge I’ve ever owned Awesome club. Unfortunately, I am too stuck in my ways and refuse to be pulled away from my beloved L Grind. Links K is sold and will be on its way to sunny California. Let's make some offers on the other stuff guys, I'd like it to go to a good home.
  11. So, I'll be the first to admit I'm lazy and am not adding to the conversation -- but when are they expected to release the new woods?
  12. Hello, Listed are some items that I am hoping to move onto new homes. I am happy to send additional pictures to serious buyers. Please rest assured I have done many transactions on GolfWRX and Ebay. All items include standard shipping via USPS within the continental U.S. I am not interested in any trades at this time but will consider cash offers. Payment must be made through PayPal. Please be aware that I will offer significant discounts if you are interested in purchasing more than one item. Titleist 905R 8.5* // Rombax 6V06 X This driver needs no introduction, a true classic. Shafted with a very interesting Rombax (I believe Rory may have used the same model back in the day?) I think I found this in a Golf Galaxy used bin awhile back and never got around to trying it out. This would make a great back up driver, or a classy gamer for someone looking to keep the launch and spin down. Club is in fantastic shape for its age with no sky marks and only minor imperfections to the crown. Grip is a Golf Pride Tour Wrap in fair condition. No head cover but I will be sure to ship the club securely. I would conservatively rate it 8.5/10. $65 SHIPPED OBO Adams Super Hybrid 15* + 19* // Matrix Ozik XCon 8H Strong These hybrids were custom built by a certified club builder in the area. Shafts are strong flex, and closer to an x than a stiff in my opinion. These clubs were nearly new when purchased and were hit sparingly. There are no sky marks and there is minimal wear to the soles. The clubs do show wear to the paint on the crown that is typical for Adams clubs from this area. Certain areas of the paint are slightly discolored or slightly chipping. It was very difficult to show this in pictures, and it was not really apparent to me at address. The clubs are gripped with Lamkin UTx grips in good condition. Having used these clubs off and on, let me say that these are some seriously nice sticks. Incredibly easy to hit, long, and very consistent with the Matrix shafts. If you are looking for a bargain on some custom built and versatile clubs for the upper part of your bag, look no further. $80 SHIPPED OBO Titleist 716 T-MB 3 Iron // Project X LZ 6.5 Club is in excellent condition. There are a couple strips of lead tape on the back of the club that can easily be removed. I believe the lie angle is slightly flat but everything else is standard factory specs. The grip is a Lamkin UTx in great shape. I would rate this club a 9/10. $75 SHIPPED OBO Miura 1957 Y Grind 49* // KBS Tour S+ This club was in the bag for a few years and used as a gap wedge. It was professionally assembled by a certified club builder in the area. I believe this is standard loft (it may be 1* weak, I cannot recall), standard length, 2* flat lie angle. I believe it was custom swing weighted around D3. This club was used very sparingly and is in really nice condition with no major dings, dents, pitting, or browning on the face or sole and grooves that are in very good condition. The sole has light scratching consistent with use. I would conservatively rate this club a 8.5/10. $105 SHIPPED OBO Titleist Vokey Links K Grind 60* // Tour Issue S400 -- SOLD
  13. While I'm not moving away from the i210s, I can certainly share some thoughts. As someone who has owned A LOT of iron sets, I can quite honestly say the i210s are probably the most "blah" set of irons I've ever used -- BUT that it's necessarily a bad thing. In my opinion, the i210s fail to be the "best" in any category but stand as one of the only irons on the market without any significant faults. Sure, the i210's don't have the distance of an i500 or p790, even at similar lofts, but they aren't short. They don't have the workability of a true players cb, but they are reasonably workable. They don't have the feel of a forged blade, but they are pleasant to hit. They are easily as forgiving as any other "players cb" on the market and boast a bit more spin than some of the hollow headed competitors making the i210 a top tier distance control option within the category. Looks wise, well there's not much to report, they look "good" -- all but the most discerning muscle back snob will probably find them appealing to the eye, at least enough so that they are playable. So, what are you left with? A decent looking iron with relatively good forgivingness and feel, that launches high and offers "normal" distance with very good control. In actuality, that's a great profile, but I can imagine people becoming bored with the i210 and ditching it in favor of something that delivers a "wow" factor in some other area. I'll admit to being entranced by the distance of the P790 or the looks of most MBs on the market -- and quite honestly, if I had the money, I might have made the switch. But, I can almost guarantee neither switch would have been helpful to my scores.
  14. > @5hort5tuff said: > I think overall you are just looking a little bit too in depth st this. Certain putters feel softer and people have varying degrees of distance control issues with them. > > I've heard people say Evnrolls, especially on dead centre contact have a bit of a mushy feel and can leave putts a bit short. I play a Cleveland HB Soft 11 and its soft too. > > I guess I'm saying if a putter has pretty deep milling or the insert is pretty soft to feel...it could lead to this feeling of having to put a bit more on the stroke to get it moving. > > > > You're probably right. What came to mind was those old STX putters from the 90's. My Dad had one and I remember it taking a good 1-2 inches of extra backstroke to hit a putt the same distance as a milled putter. But, it also felt absolutely terrible.
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