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  1. Great advice guys. I think going with a public option is the best way to go now until things calm down economically. One place that just came to mind that I really didn't think of before is Myrtle Beach, SC. Obviously plenty of golf (public options abound), so not concerned so much about that, but any input on living there permanently as a mid-30s, single male? Seems like it would be very touristy during the summer months, but does anyone have any experience or know of anyone who actually lives there on a permanent basis? How dead is it during the off-season?
  2. Hi everyone, just updating. I am revisiting this thread as I have now been officially approved to work remotely, anywhere in the United States. I have narrowed my search to the southern half of the US (anywhere even with DC or further south). Specifically looking for a private club (or a nicer public course with annual memberships) that has a decent game on weekends (preferably more than just one foursome, ideally 8-20 players). Also, a city that has at least a decent (preferably better) dating scene for a male in his 30s. A few options: Charlotte, NC: checks all the boxes, except after browsing the forums, it seems most (if not all) clubs are on a waitlist or it's difficult to get tee times. The clubs that fit my price range looked to be TPC Piper Glen, Raintree, Cedarwood, River Run, or Northstone. Anyone have any info on these clubs, including the membership population, games, etc.? Raleigh/Durham, NC: I feel like this would be too similar to my current situation in DC, and not that much different. Also, similar to Charlotte, it seems like most clubs are on a waitlist or it is difficult to get tee times. Durham doesn't look like my vibe, so Raleigh would be where I would move if I did choose here. Greenville, SC: The downtown area along the river looks nice, but not sure there are many singles here. Plus, I only saw a few clubs (Thornblade, Greenville CC, and Verdae) close to downtown. I assume Thornblade and Greenville CC would be out of my price range anyways. Charleston, SC: Great place for the dating life as a male in my 30s, but not many clubs close to the city which are affordable. Plus I feel like the whole place goes underwater if there is a hurricane or tropical storm. I feel course conditions may be lacking too due to the flooding. Atlanta, GA: Obviously there are many clubs to choose from, and plentiful dating, but I might run into the same problems as I do here in DC. Pinetree GC up in Kennesaw has been mentioned a few times here on the forums as having games and being a good place to play, but commuting there from further south might be difficult (I would like to live somewhere that isn't all families). Florida: Never been a huge fan of Florida in general, but it does check all the boxes. Plenty of young professionals (and older people too ), obviously plenty of golf, and golf year round. Problem is I would know no one, and it seems most of the good golf is public, so might be hard to find a regular game. I would just be a single jumping around to different public tracks, which is nice every so often, but not forever. Looking at Orlando or Jacksonville area, Miami probably isn't my vibe. I don't think I will find somewhere that checks all the boxes, but somewhere that gets most of the way there would sway me to move. Thank you to everyone so far for your great responses, you have definitely opened my eyes to some places I haven't thought of.
  3. A little late on this, but just revisiting this topic. Would you suggest joining a club in Vegas or just hopping around to public tracks using GolfNow or something along those lines? What part of Vegas (outside the strip) do you think would be good for a single 35 year old?
  4. Thanks for all the input from everyone. Probably leaning towards either Charlotte or Raleigh. I have exchanged some messages with those living around Charlotte as far as private clubs go, and they have been extremely helpful. Anybody from Raleigh area have any input? I was looking into a few that I can find very little info on: Wakefield Plantation Briar Ridge Hansentree North Shore CC Raleigh CC My budget is around 20-25k initiation and $6-7k annually for dues.
  5. Those are all interesting suggestions, definitely a few cities that did not cross my mind! If possible, I would like to live in the suburbs (or outside of the downtown area), but in an area that has a urban center with bars, restaurants, apartments, etc. Usually, this is either all on a main road, or a 5X5 or more block radius of restaurants, bars, etc with apartments located in the center or above the stores. If you guys have ever been to the DC area, think Clarendon/Court House in Arlington or Old Town Alexandria, both in Virginia across from DC. Trying to think of other examples, Buckhead/Midtown in Atlanta, Scottsdale outside of Phoenix, Towson outside of Baltimore, etc. Living downtown in a big city is probably a little much for me, but a smaller urban center would be perfect for what I am looking for. Anyone know of places like this for the cities mentioned? Probably focusing on Charlotte, Raleigh, or Birmingham. Indianapolis is intriguing, as I am originally from that area of the country, but I would have to do more research and I still think the weather would be iffy in the winter (large swings).
  6. Good to hear about the COVID situation. We still have quite a bit of restrictions here in the DC area, and I feel like it's going to stay that way for a while. They still are not allowing us to take the flagstick out, and have that stupid pool noodle thing going on, which is annoying. I think my ceiling would be less than 20k for initiation, and ideally less than $6k annually in dues. Even better if either initiation or dues were lower than that. I am age 34 right now if that makes any difference as far as young professional memberships go. Feel free to DM me if you would like.
  7. Nice! I like this idea as well. I mean I wouldn't get the full experience as I would living there, but I suppose I could see the area. How does the current time during COVID compare to pre-COVID? Is it very different? Because I would hope things would go back to pre-COVID or at least close to it. I am asking to get a good comparison if I do indeed go visit these areas for a week or so.
  8. That sounds intriguing. But is that far from any golf courses or clubs I could join? Usually those are out in the suburbs....
  9. What part of Charlotte would you live as a single guy in his 30s? Not really familiar at all with that area.
  10. How do you find Charlotte better than Raleigh?
  11. I have been to Austin, and I liked it. But I am not sure on the golf scene there. Seems like most of the good clubs are way out of my price range. Seems like I would like Raleigh or the Research Triangle area of Raleigh/Durham. Not sure on Nashville, I have never been there, but heard it is fun.
  12. I think for the time being I am still looking to rent. The housing market is high right now and buying would not make much sense. My budget for housing is anything under $1700/month for a 1 bedroom apartment. That is what I currently pay in the DC area and I think that's on the high end.
  13. Thanks JLaws. That was actually one of the areas I was eyeing. Any idea how the Durham/Chapel Hill side is different from the Raleigh side? I have been down to the area, but I was only there for a day and most of it was at night, so I really did not get a good idea. Ideally, somewhere with a good amount of young professionals (not looking to be close to the college or hippie crowd, that is not my style at this point in life).
  14. Hi all, long time lurker, but this is my first post on here. I am seeking some advice from those on these forums. Everyone seems very helpful on here from what I have read. About me: mid-30s male, single, and have a well paying job for which I work remotely full-time. I currently reside in the DC metropolitan area (as that was where my job was located before we went remote full-time). I play a lot of golf (3-4 times per week), and currently have an annual pass at a public course in the area. My index hovers around scratch to low single digits, and I occasionally play in tournaments around the area. Now for my question. With my job deciding to go full time remote, I now have to option to really move anywhere in the country. I have lived in DC for almost a decade, and while it does check a lot of boxes and was fun through my 20s, it does leave a lot to be desired. It is very crowded, traffic is horrible, people can be less than friendly and not the most down-to-earth I have met. In addition, everything is very expensive (including golf), and I just don't see it as a place I would like to raise a family and settle down. I probably should have figured this out sooner, but I really like my job and did not want to leave the area and risk changing jobs to something that I would hate. So, I guess my list of requirements would be the following: 1. Weather-wise: somewhere at least on par with DC or warmer. I would not like to move further north and deal with brutal winters and a short golf season. I grew up in Ohio, so that is something I would want to avoid. 2. Ideally, a mid-sized city that is not too big, but also not too small either. I would like a big enough area to provide me things to do, but not a NYC, DC, or LA where traffic becomes a constant issue and everyone lives on top of each other. I don't really go to clubs anymore, but a decent low-key bar scene would be nice. 3. Being in my mid-30s, I would also like somewhere with a decent singles scene. I would hate to move somewhere and find out most women my age are married. I know many small towns across the South and Midwest probably have this sort of situation. 4. I would like a golf club I could join and play regularly. I probably wouldn't know anyone, so joining either a private or semi-private club would be ideal to get in with a group or play in some money games. I am in a good place financially, so I could probably join most mid-tier clubs seeing as they are not very expensive (over 20k initiation or $8k per year in dues would be my ceiling). I tend to like older-style courses as opposed to those built through a housing development with OB and water on every hole. No one likes losing golf balls Does anyone have any suggestions based on where you have lived or currently reside? Thanks!
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