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  1. A lot of golf instruction today (especially instructional videos on Youtube) say that we should fix being "across the line" at the top of the backswing. I know that a lot about golf swings is "matching up" - so I'm curious, what did Tom do different on the way down that made his across the line work?
  2. I worked on coming in more "in to out" and worked on stopping my right shoulder firing away right at the start of the downswing - I finally fixed my coming-over-the-top issue. However by NOT coming over, I noticed that I'm now coming in way under the plane and I'm constantly hitting turf then ball. I was able to hit the ball somewhat when I came over the top because my clubhead at least was on plane by doing so. Now it's way under. What I don't understand is that if I'm keeping my shoulders and hands back from firing across while also shallowing the club, won't the clubhead always
  3. That's solid advice - I know I'm definitely getting a bit too technical but my only concern is that I don't really have any other reference point for a 2-plane swing.. and from what I understand, any deviation from the teachings can definitely work (most pros I see don't follow a pure hardy 2-plane swing), but might require some other compensation that I just don't know about.
  4. This is awesome - thanks for sending me the still photos, it's super helpful. Any idea on which golfer has the most "purist' 2-plane Hardy technique? I was looking at David Toms who had the most "pure" takeaway, hands lifting in front of the chest... but then on the down swing was super open and swung out to the left. I guess as a newb, I'm just trying to find someone as pure as I can to emulate so I can refer to the books + a model swing.
  5. Thanks for sending the list of players - it's super helpful to watch these players and have a swing that I can somewhat try to emulate that also fits the 2-plane narrative. The one thing I do notice though is that there is almost no "purist" 2-planer per Hardy's guide. Nearly all of these 2-planer players I watch have their hips fully open at impact when Hardy mentioned that the downswing is really just a "rebound" and hips are almost square or just very slightly open. Also, most of these guys, aside from maybe Tom Watson, David Toms and Bubba have their club shaft at the top of th
  6. I recently adopted the "two-plane" swing (as coined by Jim Hardy), which essentially is a more arms-based, upright swing where the swing arc is more vertical and vs around your body. Some of the differences of this upright/2-plane type of swing, according to the Jim Hardy 2-plane swing vs more "standard" golf teachings: Using more of the arms to generate power, rather than the body Having less depth at the top of the backswing Being slightly across-the-line at the top of the backswing Having a more open club face coming down Less body and hip openness
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