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  1. I was quoted the same of June 1st for my woods with tensi orange shaft. My driver is 16weeks my fitter hooked me up with a setup for the summer. Ordered 3/27 My new mizuno irons took 13weeks got them last week. Everything is slow between production and shipping
  2. Finally the clubs got here today!! They looks amazing. Just in time for golf league tomorrow. First swing on the first hole.. full send!!
  3. Cleaning kits??? Never heard of that. Get yourself a golf brush and some warm soapy water. I usually like to treat my forged to some Mothers Mag Aluminum polish....But none of that comes with the irons
  4. So just found out today that now my KBS $taper stiff is on backorder. Had to switch to the x flex and had them soft stepped to get the clubs built. So the final flex should be stiff .75. 12weeks 4days still not even built. These better be worth it because this is a huge pain in the butt. Heads were on backorder they come in and now the shaft. They don't expect the $taper stiff to back in stock until June sometime. So if anyone else has those shafts and want clubs before June reach out to your fitter.
  5. I tried the Tour heads they did feel great but I don't play as much as I would like to. I could as well as almost everyone else could use the help on mishits. I was hitting ping blueprints during my driver fitting to warm up and was absolutely flushing them but it was a good swing day. Not playing as much that swing will not be there everyday. I was between the forged and MP20 MMC. In the end the fitter went with the forged due to my swing. I am a divot taker and he thought the forged would suit me best. I am not concerned with distance I was all about feel and consistently with off
  6. I am coming from JPX825 pro had those from new. You will not be disappointed with mizuno irons. I don't think I would ever play another manufacturer than Mizuno. They got me hooked even with the long lead time
  7. That is my same set up!!! But I went blue wedges. I also upgraded my putter to the black m-craft VI. Looks like you might have the III? On week 12 now they told me Friday that they were being built so any day now!! Those look great good luck.
  8. I just recently got fitted for jpx921 forged and went for a driver fitting a few weeks after. The fitter handed me a ping blueprint to "warm up" I looked at it and thought that I didn't have the game.... then I continued to flush 15 shots in a row. If the new i59 is anything like those I am in trouble
  9. They told me the only head out of stock was the forged and t20 wedges. But I only asked about mine. My grips MCC plus4 blue and $taper stiff all in stock. If there was anymore delays I was going to my second choice MP20 MMC
  10. JPX Forged heads should be at the shop today. They will be pushing them through. Get in line fellas
  11. I am on week 10!! I sold my old irons already and don't have anything right now. Never thought it would take this long.
  12. I got fit 2/13 still waiting 921 Forged heads are on the hold up. Every week I am told next week for 3weeks now. Hopefully soon
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