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  1. joshtheberg


    Just ordered Jpx Forged with a modus 105 stiff shaft. Im supper exited. I was going to get a split set between the tour and forged but I decided that right now I don't need control over for forgiveness. Also I would have to bend the lofts of the tour 2 degrees and I didn't want to put less bounce on a club that is already pretty low bounce and I feel like there would be a big gap between the tour and the forged because they are pretty different irons. In my mind the forged are transition irons and in a year or two when I'm good enough I will get the tour.
  2. How forgiving are the p770 and how forgiving are they compared to p790's or mizuno forged.
  3. What do you all think. Should I wait to see what some other brands come out with or should I just get the jpx 921 forged.
  4. Im about to pull the trigger on apex pros. I got fitted for them and I really like them but I'm scared it may be too much club. Im in high school and hopefully I will be getting better but I'm a pretty good ball striker. Should I be playing something like a p790 or should I stick with the apex pros?
  5. Just hit some clubs today and my coach and I filed it down to the apex pro with a money-taper lite. But I was wondering if the p770 are longer and more forgiving. I didn't hit the p770 because my coach said they are really backed up. But I'm wondering if I should give them a try to see if they are longer and more forgiving. If anybody has hit both how do the feel and sound compare? To me the apex pro felt good but the sound was really loud and high pitched. Any help would be great.
  6. Does anybody know if the Apex pro in the Apex/ Apex Pro combo set are just bent down 2.5 degrees or are there any changes to the sole of the club or bounce of the club.
  7. I'm supper exited to get new clubs. I currently have the ping G but I'm in high school and I have grew out of those. I've been trying a couple of irons and I've come down to a couple of options. The first option is the Mizuno forged which I believe would suit me pretty well because they look nice but have a bit of forgiveness. The second option is the Callaway apex pro. I'm not 100% sure that I could handle these. My coach thinks that I absolutely could hit these. If I were to get them I would think I should get them bent a little stronger because I think 33 degrees for me is a bit to weak. I
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