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  1. Thanks so much for the reply. Great information.
  2. Love my Memphis Garage but now putting has improved I want to try and return to a blade. Can anyone give me major difference between the Austin and Columbus. Prefer a putter with pop that will get the ball rolling as soon as possible. Is one model more popular than the other? Thanks in advance for your help.
  3. Agree with all above posters. I always do business with same rep. and even have his personal cell number to bypass customer service. Satisfaction guaranteed is true on this site.
  4. Just purchased a Savona 2 Elite. Played 3 rounds so far, very solid putter. No 3 putts, no missed short putts, but do not think it will replace my garage Memphis when it comes to crunch time.
  5. Will trade a SC special select square back putter that is three weeks old and like new for QBee 6. Putter has less than 4 rounds and is like new. Thanks, Bill Sullivan wsull13540@aol.com It is odd I have same bag.
  6. Have a MY Spider X in Navy and white if interested in trade. Please email at wsull13540@aol.com. Thanks, Bill Sullivan
  7. I would again like to thank everyone for their input on this topic. To answer some questions I am sixty three years old, 6'2" and play to a 5.3 but putting is just average. I have always putted slumped over and have issues moving and coming out of the putt thus short right miss.Tried a playing partners 36" putter and posture improved and roll was much truer. The issue was distance control from fifteen feet out. Another positive was my back felt much better after the round. Again, thanks to everyone for the wonderful information and time.
  8. Thank you guys so much for the information and your time.
  9. Have used a 34 inch putter that was 350g. for two years. Going to go to a 36 inch shortly. Miss is short and short right because of not releasing putter. What head weight should I go with on longer putter. Thanks in advance for your help.
  10. I am sure it will be different with everyone, but had Steelfiber i95's in my Apex 19s, ordered TT Elevate Tour Stiff in 0211 irons and if anything my elbow is 80% better. Distance control has improved dramatically, as I was having consistency issues with the Steelfibers.
  11. Just FYI I placed my order for a putter on 4-22 and called today to check on it. Was told they were working on orders placed 4/19 Friday. So that should give you guys that ordered a good timeline on where you stand in terms of going into production.
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