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  1. Have been playing 2021 Apex Pro's with Recoils and really like the results I am getting. Great ball flight and turf interaction. Not quite a " butter" feel, or a blade sound, but I can live with that. On another positive note, distance is very consistent with no jumpers.
  2. I am 64 years old, and still play to a 5.4 index. Have tried most every fairway and hybrid but settled on Ping 14.5 G425 fairway and Callaway Super Hybrid. Both come off the face hot and finding fairway is not an issue as long as you make good contact. Have Tensei orange in both.
  3. I was having a grip changed on driver last week, and while waiting was trying out the putters to make sure I liked nothing better than my 2 week old Spider EX and the last one I picked up was the Harwood, It set up behind the ball better than any putter I ever tried or owned. The alignment was so simple it seemed automatic. The only negative I could find was it felt a little heavy. So after $50 and my Spider, another new putter. Putted with it at tournament this weekend and it is a keeper. Distance control was spot on and no 3 putts in two days. Does anyone have any reviews or thoughts on this putter?
  4. Need some advice guys. I am going to purchase a set of three headcovers, either Sunfish leather red with black stripes or the burgundy and navy Taylormade British Open Set. Which would be the better quality/ look. Price will be the same on either. Thanks in advance for your help.
  5. I did wear a glove years ago, but at a corporate function my CEO ask if I had been playing much golf. I of course answered "No boss, I have been working too much". He smiled, and asked why is your right hand tanned and your left white? I have not worn a glove since. Lesson learned.
  6. Would you have any interest in Toulon Odyssey Chicago excellent condition? I also have a Ping PLD Limited Edition Tyne all original . I need a little larger head in a mallet. Thanks, Bill
  7. I purchased the Pioneer, as I had this bag several years ago and loved it. For some reason tho, the fabric just did not seem the quality I expected. Took back and paid the extra fifty for the DLX and could not be happier. I liked the size of Pioneer better but the DLX has a few more options and the hand of the material is so much better. You really can not go wrong with either.
  8. About to pull the trigger on this bag. Any reviews good or bad. Anyone purchase the white, and now wish they had the black? I have always had a black bag but that white sure looks good. Thanks in advance for your help. I always use a cart, but the stand really comes in handy at the range and the car.
  9. Thanks so much for the reply. Great information.
  10. Love my Memphis Garage but now putting has improved I want to try and return to a blade. Can anyone give me major difference between the Austin and Columbus. Prefer a putter with pop that will get the ball rolling as soon as possible. Is one model more popular than the other? Thanks in advance for your help.
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