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  1. I’ve been waiting to see an i210 replacement for so long!! Have to agree though, the i525 looks nice however with its hollow body I’ll be going nowhere near it. With the PGA show coming soon will we see the i210 replacement then or maybe a teaser of it…..??
  2. Did we ever come to a conclusion with what on earth is going on with Ping iron replacements?! Will there be replacements for both the 210 and 500 or will it be just the one iron replacing both?! I’ve been trying to get a set of 210’s for about 9months now, Ping gave up on fulfilling my order and I haven’t been able to find a set elsewhere I have very much depreciated my mates spare set of P760’s while waiting for Ping this year!
  3. The i500 felt like I was hitting a stone with a piece of 2x4, I thought it was awful. Was having a little play around in a retailers fitting booth on the weekend and if they can get the blueprint feel with a bit more size and forgiveness to it then they’re on to a winner. Hit the middle of the blueprint and it is absolutely outrageous, miss it slightly and you’re in trouble so hopefully the i59 can give some help on those off centre strikes.
  4. I heard today approx £1300-£1400 when they arrive in the UK so $1750 for US wouldn’t surprise me. They basically look like the blueprint on steroids the more I see of them. The retailer I spoke to thought they were going to be hollow body too.
  5. It’s interesting because I did some digging into the pros bags section on the Ping website and those using the i59’s were listed as prototypes still. I feel like they need to announce something soon about this line or they’ll lose custom to Titleist with their new T launch and Taylormade will be launching soon. I’m borrowing irons at the moment so am desperate to get something sorted, looking like the new T100 could be the way to go with this Ping debacle. Was quoted November/December for i210’s over here in the UK or end of August for T100!
  6. There’s more to it than just the spin rate. Launch angles and descent angles matched in with spin rate is what they will look at. They can get away with a few hundred RPM’s less if their descent angles fall in the desired windows. Obviously if the spin rate is too low (as in like 5000 for a 7 iron) then it’s unplayable for these guys who need certain rates to hit guaranteed numbers.
  7. Not sure if anyone has mentioned/speculated this before and there are too many pages to read back through…but the i210/i500 replacement that is allegedly coming next year, will that be forged too therefore coming with a hefty $250/£175 per club price tag?
  8. He does indeed, was initially using the Ping Blueprint irons but now has a set of Titleist MB’s with all sorts of lead tape and custom sole grinds going on. A lot of free agents are using the Titleist TSi3 drivers but not many go to the irons, though there aren’t a whole bunch of free agents these days!
  9. I thought exactly the same thing! Interested to see head size/topline etc on these though. The i210 from Ping is nice, I currently have a set, but the offset is way too much and the shorter irons with traditional lofts just look like shovels. If these are more compact they are just what I’m after!
  10. Very much in the same boat in trying to work out whether this is the iblade replacement or i210 replacement…or is it almost the best of both worlds??? To be honest somewhere in the middle of those two would be perfect for me! I’m borrowing a set of ZX7’s from a friend, his backup set luckily, and if these i59’s don’t hurry up I may find myself acquiring my own set of these, they feel lovely.
  11. Great insight thanks. I really liked the i210’s myself just wish they were slightly more compact with less offset, so Hovlands custom ones would be perfect! I remember reading about him having bounce taken off and the lofts strengthened for playing the memorial. I’ve been stuck borrowing irons all year because of the pandemic so really hoping we get these i59’s soon to test!
  12. I wondered this but then would it not have made sense for the i59 to be played in the long irons and not the short?! Hovland used to play the i210 so it seemed a strange move to a split set of iBlade long irons and i59 short, obviously these guys test extensively so it must’ve been numbers based but it seems strange. I’m very much anti-hollow body having tested and played a few models, feel is terrible and you seem to lose that control of distance, prone to getting fliers etc.
  13. Are we going to get another iron line or just the i59?! Based on Hovland playing them in just the short irons they seem to be more of an iblade/blueprint replacement….wondering if the i210 are getting replaced?! I liked the i210 but there was just too much offset for my liking and the short irons and PW looked like shovels!
  14. I did see that although he mentioned we probably won’t see them on shelves until the new year, most likely down to the supply chain mess
  15. Maybe so, in fact, probably so. I will be first in line to test though having basically been told good luck trying to get the T100S I got fit for a few weeks back! Wonder whether they’ll launch a T100 and T100S line straight away, I seem to remember the S version coming out a bit later last time…
  16. Anybody got any updated news on the release of these?! Ping seem to be keeping very quiet about them so far! They’re in all the pro’s bags now so usually mean they can’t be too far away! They look a very similar size and shape to the iblade…does that mean there’ll be another line to replace i210 and i500?!
  17. I thought the same with the 620cb myself when testing, I put it down to being indoors though but maybe not then!
  18. Has anybody stumbled upon any images of the new 2021 iron lineups?! I have seen the classic Titleist post with Spieth and Zalatoris where you can’t see the iron at all, but nothing else. Usually somebody has leaked something by now! Was testing irons the other day and came out with a recommendation of the T100S with AMT S300 shafts, however Titleist are saying a minimum of 8 weeks lead time over here in England, by which time the new lineup would be nearing release I assume…seems logical to wait and see if there are any differences in the new lines….
  19. If you play the LST drivers, there really isn’t a lot of difference between the 410 and 425 from my perspective. I was fit into a 410 end of last year however ping had zero heads in the UK at the time so I had to wait, then the 425 launch happened so I got upgraded to that. I play the Tensei raw orange stiff at 45.25” with driver swing speed of 105mph. I don’t see any difference in numbers other than slightly lower (100-150rpm) spin on the new 425. Worth trying both to compare though! Worth noting- there are still Ping staffers using the 400 so new isn’t always better!!
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