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  1. I recently sold my Scotty T22, didn’t get any play time since it was a FB and I’m a blade guy. As far as soft feeling, the copper insert is fairly thin and can only do so much. My older Tel 3 copper insert Scotty and even my non insert older Scotty 62 series number 2 basic milled, both feel a bit softer but that’s the carbon milled steel that used to be used. Now most manufacturers have switched to stainless over carbon so the putters don’t rust or ding as easily. While if you can get your hands on a Scotty tour or tour edition putter those are still carbon steel. Softest putters I’ve use
  2. The Srixon ZX7 definitely appear to have very little offset, the 921 Tour also look to have very little offset, the 921 Forged look noticeably more offset but still not in a not nice to look down at way. The ZX5 definitely looked and felt more offset to me, didn’t like them. The Apex Pro was great looking, unfortunately I hit it slightly shorter then some of the others with a worse dispersion then two others. The Ping’s looked offset, even though Ping claims fairly low offsets, just might be the way their hosel is set up. The p770 looks like a chunky blade at impact, ZX7 has a thinner top
  3. A few months ago I got fit at Club Champion the P770 did not have a great dispersion for me and the P770 felt more like a cast iron then forged, even though they look great. Tried a mess of irons, that day the 921 Forged and Tour, the Forged and MP20mmc had similar dispersion issues, not left to right but I’d occasionally get a flyer or a dead shot. The 921 Tour felt great and had a great dispersion, but ultimately went with the Srixon ZX7, great dispersion and a degree stronger loft then the Tour, gave me a few more yards. Without losing dispersion, peak height and keeping a great spin rat
  4. Yeah it appears the term has merged unless they are considering one the shorter neck and the other the longer neck version?
  5. I’ve had putters with both neck styles, unfortunately it’s putter dependent and how much hang and offset each has. Brands do not all have the same for necks, Scotty starts its plumbers neck behind where the ball is, so the shaft is right around where the ball is. Verse a Bettinardi plumbers neck I used pushes the shaft to the front side of the ball more then the impact spot or back side of the ball. Same is true for slant necks, how long in the neck, what angle, where on the head does it attach, all things that change the putters balance or hang. Helpful when manufacturers include the amo
  6. Yeah it stinks, SIK doesn’t appear to be stocked at any chain or local golf store near me, only Club Champion where you would have to pay for a club fitting. I’ve used club Champion for other golf club fittings but I’ve had a Scotty Cameron Gallery fitting and a Kevin Burns fitting by Kevin Burns, both gave me a very similar spec putter. So I tend to not want Club Champion to try and tell me something different or pay to just find out the same info I already know.
  7. Piretti Goat? I’m presuming you don’t mean the Scotty 009 (Tiger/Goat)? I’d love to own the Scotty 009 again, mine lasted 6 weeks before it was stolen while using the restroom at Bethpage Black GC.
  8. I have worked with a few big name instructors and custom putter makers while playing D1 and Nike/Buy.com tour golf, as well as recently with a custom putter. If you take a more traditional putter swing, using your shoulders and not your arms or hands, your body creates a natural arc. Depending on your shoulder width and natural arc golfers need different amounts of hang. If you try to putt straight through towards the hole, this means you are using your wrist and arms not just your shoulders. If you choose to use your arms over shoulders, some players have switched to wrist lock putters to
  9. Kevin Burns Nike milled proto long neck, Kevin Burns makes great putters. Also great to deal with for custom.
  10. Yeah, putter swings change wouldn’t hurt to get refit or a putter lesson.
  11. You should go for a putter fitting, probably help you narrow down at least what type of stroke you have and which neck will work best. You might not work well with a balanced putter, might need a bit of hang.
  12. I recently switched from PXG 0311t, hollow filled tech back to Srixon ZX7, solid forged with placed tungsten weight. I switch for better dispersion, the PXG would occasionally get a low spinning flyer that went way too long. Never got a great dispersion from it, but the PXG definitely go far for a blade looking iron. I don’t feel the Srixon are any harder to hit, the low placed weight I think helps a bunch.
  13. I’d recommend trying a BR Closer before buying one, it definitely has a different sound and feel from a milled steel putter. I personally didn’t like it, but I don’t like most non solid milled putters. It’s what I’m used to and happen to like. I have a Scotty T22 FB, amazing putter, sitting in my closest because I’m not a fan of its feel over my 15 plus year old Scotty Circa 62 black finish solid carbon milled steel or my 20 year plus Kevin Burns 303 milled steel. Probably should just sell the T22 since it doesn’t even have a round of use on it, but it’s pretty to look at.
  14. 34” shaft? Looks real, weight is set for 35” shaft length. I have the T22 Fastback.
  15. Also like the Kevin Burns 9306 Nub neck.
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