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  1. Up for sale today we have a few putters and a couple shafts! All prices include PP G&S and shipping. Bettinardi QB12 w/ LAGP shaft and original HC 35" - $650 Bettinardi QB6 no HC 35" - $old Scotty Cameron Studio Style Newport 1.5 35" w/ Clover HC - $265 Bettinardi Secret Agent Wiz British Open HC unused w/ box - $old Bettinardi T-Hive Motion Stinger HC - $old Graphite Design Tour AD HD 7-TX Driver shaft tipped 1" TM Tip - $220 Oban Kiyoshi White 3W Shaft 75g 005(x-flex) w/ Ping tip - $125
  2. I have some normal Janoski's in a 10 and they fit just fine. These things are just tiny for some reason....
  3. Graphite Design Tour AD HD 7 TX (Tipped 1" and measures 43.75" from butt of grip to end of tip. TM tip). -$250 $230 OBO Shipped Piretti Teramo Belly No Belly (Counterbalanced and plays 38") -$old 2 Pairs of Nike Janoski G both 9.5 (Bought from here and thought I could squeeze into them, but I can't) -$50 OBO Shipped Bettinardi THive Motion Stinger Headcover -$150 $125 OBO Shipped
  4. If you like the feel of this one I recommend giving the Queen B series a try. They are also milled from carbon steel (softer feel than 303SS). The Queen B's are also a lot more appealing to look at in my opinion. I currently have a QB 6 and a QB 12 that both see time.
  5. Pretty sure it's $60 for the whole season which starts in September maybe?
  6. Imagine trying to learn that bag as a caddie. No thanks.
  7. Agree on all of your points and agree it's sad to see. But the reason Betti/Scotty etc. keep making $2k putters is because people keep buying them. This is a big ol' don't hate the player, hate the game situation unfortunately.
  8. Let it out, guy. This is just present day marketing at work. If you think this is bad, you should look into companies lobbying the government to allow them to keep being Word not allowedholes. Or companies that charge $300 for Insulin when it costs them $2 to make. No one NEEDS a Miller Lite Betti, but a ton of people die from diabetes each year.
  9. There is a huge demographic of people that have money and drink Miller Lite in the US. Craft Beer is still relatively new compared to piss water. I grew up in Texas and not many people over 40 drink craft beer at all. In fact, they scoff at the idea of it.
  10. Bettinardi here. Have two OTR putters and their custom/tour stuff is second to none IMO.
  11. Maybe 10 or 11 years ago I was on a golf trip in NC with my family. I had only been playing for about a year at the time and was just starting to be able to hit the ball decent. Number 10 at King's Grant (Fayetteville, NC) was a downhill, drivable par 4 at the time playing 312 if I remember correctly. I am a natural drawer of the ball, but this shot set up for a high fade with the driver. I hit it EXACTLY how I envisioned it in my head and carried the ball onto the green. It ended up about 15 feet from the hole and I made the putt for eagle.
  12. .370 Keep in mind this was for the over the hosel Cortino 2, but I believe all of their tip sizes are the same. Have you emailed Piretti? Bill got back to me fairly quickly with this info.
  13. It's a graphite shaft NOT stuck in a plumber's neck. These shafts make no sense to me, but that's pretty neat I guess.
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