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    Phantom 5 vs. 11

    I just picked up the 11.5 from the shop yesterday, and I really wanted 5.5 when the new 2021 models came out as I really like the shape of it. However, I tried both of the model and I spotted that 11 or 11.5 models gave me much more stable putting stroke (especially on backstroke) comparing to 5 and 5.5. I would say you should go try it for yourself before making the decision. Good luck man!
  2. Superstroke Ultra Slim 2.0, it suits me as reducing open face at impact
  3. Just wondering, how do you guys pick or know that which is the right ball to play? picking from feel or putt and short game or swing speed? Cheers Tin
  4. I bought JPX 919 forged for several months and really like the feel and forgiveness. My other choice is Titlelist T200, but I picked Mizuno mainly because of the feeling as they say "nothing feels like Mizuno."
  5. I haven't change my putter since I started playing golf 6 years ago. I have tried to replace my current putter for 1-2 rounds, but it didn't work for me as I felt like my confidence is gone. Now, I am looking for a new mallet putter to replace my Ping Anser.
  6. I have been looking for a mallet putter to replace my Ping Karsten Anser 2, and I just tested Envroll ER7 at the shop today. I really like the feeling and how it rolls the ball as well as the distance control. Another mallet option for me is Scotty Cameron Phantom X 5.5 (2021). Anyone has experience with ER7 or Phantom X 5.5? Thanks!
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