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  1. Thanks, I see it there too. My goal is to look like this at impact and follow through. I can see it in my brain, just need to transfer it into my DNA!
  2. I agree. For now, I only have this DTL. May not be the best for seeing hip action because 1) In addition to not swaying, I’m doing a 3/4 75 percent swing concentrating on keeping my arms underneath the swing plane and not going OTT. 2) The camera angle makes it appear as if my stance is closed when it was square. IMG_4282.MOV
  3. Golfarb1….Thx, 1) I’ll think “Nicklaus” pre turn of the head, and 2) create more distance in the swing by working on extending (not bending too early) my right arm. Note: that was a Cleveland Classic TC15 with a S400 shaft. 2 hours on the range and I’m feeling it now. Probably breaking out my old Titleist 983K to get things moving along.
  4. As usual my exaggerated pre swing isn’t the same when I have to actually hit the ball, but turning the shoulders is helping.
  5. Just for fun, here’s a Wilson Duo off a 4 iron knockdown punch into the wind. I’ll get an exact same shot with a Pro V1X for a sound comparison.
  6. Thanks for the Tiger comparison, I’m definitely going to focus more on my shoulders, posting an updated swing after I work it in.
  7. Thanks, that is a great drill. I’ll set that up at the far corner of my range. I actually have always had a small issue of not holding my spine angle tilt on my follow through, it looks like that drill will help that too.
  8. Thanks, I did read Nicklaus’s book “Golf My Way” probably 30+ years ago and I remember his head turn.
  9. First ever post for some feedback (good and bad welcome) on my swing and specifically my head swaying. I never wanted to look at my swing ( I’m a hacker) until someone I played with mentioned I should try it. Immediately, I realized how much I am swaying on the takeaway. I’m a fairly decent ball striker/hacker, but is this swaying something I should fix or just keep playing with? I always play a fade, recently established 16 handicap, playing blades and persimmon, 2 six iron swings.
  10. 8802….Did the remake version of the Bullet Backs all have DG shafts? I’m eyeing a set and they have S300’s and are advertised as “remakes “. Thx
  11. Also, this must have been the reason why I was having a hard time finding a Cleveland Classic’s 5 wood on eBay. Plenty of 4 woods!
  12. Played today and on an empty hole I did some 5W,4W, 2 iron vs comparison. As Aspidistra noted, the loft creep is noticeable. 2 iron is my bullet fairway runner and the 4 wood is for higher trajectories. I was overlooking that my 5 wood was giving me 3/4 sometimes 5 iron carry and distance. For the OP (Phillip G78) I’m now Driver, 3W, 4W 2 iron etc.
  13. Give it a try. Tiny little blade makes the ball look huge!
  14. 8802 and Speed Slots, nice bag!
  15. Agreed. I have that option as well! excuse the peeling poly on the JP Persimmon, somebody dunked it years ago:)
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