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  1. Walking is part of the game on the pro tour. I don't see what Casey and the courts do/did not understand: LIFE IS NOT FAIR. If a person can't play by the given rules, maybe it's time to move on to something else. Casey could have been a coach, instructor, etc. instead of trying to play on the Tour and causing all of the controversy.
  2. I did not know we had to apply for tickets. To be clear, this is for the BRITISH OPEN, correct?
  3. Perhaps you could expand on CLUBS-2. Do you know Cameron on a personal level?
  4. Home simulator is my vote. You can practice when you want and the kids along with your friends can use it too. Apparently not everyone read the thread correctly; the membership is SEMI-PRIVATE. With that you won't have the expectations of a private club and it would probably be just as crowded as a public course.
  5. So basically it is: Bryson plays, rule enforced. No Bryson, use what you want.
  6. Watching no named hacks on garbage courses are the turn off for me. Also all the time consuming pre-shot routines are mind numbing.
  7. I think Speith needs to do the same as JT. Both TW and Phil made a change.
  8. The real question is: What is the minimum amount of MONEY to join a country club?
  9. Why is accident in parentheses in the thread title? "accident"
  10. No, but I am sure that either one of the 4 caps can beat Lidia Ko.
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