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  1. Does anyone in here actually see or feel a difference between S and X flex? I've seen a lot of videos where it showed little to no difference for 99% of golfers. How much different in flex does it gotta be before you notice a difference?
  2. I'm not super curious what other middle aged guys can his distance wise.
  3. I'm a little above that I can give specifics if the thread would like it.
  4. Would it be at all helpful to know what us middle aged guys hit yardage wise?
  5. I might grab one see how it plays
  6. What's easier to get through the rough this or a Driving Iron?
  7. does anyone make a more modern ginty, aka metal or titanium?
  8. Sounds like a cross between a 7 wood and a hybrid
  9. Im assuming the 10 and 11 iron are similar to gap Wedges?
  10. What are the weakest lofted classic irons that wouldn't be too hard to find online? I'd like some with a 52* PW or better.
  11. Just curious what some of you classic golfers have for club set up, Im currently carring D,3W, 5W, 3-PW, SW, LW, putter. Who here prefers a DI or 1/2 Iron vs the 5W?
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