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  1. I’m going to contact the main instructor for the machining program at my college and see what he could do for me. Would love input from anyone on designing a blade iron. I’m ideally wanting to make it from 1018 or 1020 steel with more classical lofts (36° 7 iron 49°pw) thin top line thin sole deigned for the turf of AZ. If anyone has some designs to go from to tweak, then I can see about using the CNC at the college
  2. Iron head designs? I’m ideally looking to design my own blade design would love something to work from
  3. So it turns out the college I teach at has a full machining certification program and CNC machines. Perhaps I can hire a student to help me with the cad design and then machine it in guessing that would significantly reduce costs
  4. Does anyone here have links to articles/books on club design?
  5. I don’t know if I’d ever actually fork over the cash, but I am curious how hard it’d be to actually make it happen. Would be kinda cool to have clubs made exactly for you
  6. That’s great to hear, I know Bridgestone was originally a JDM product, good to hear they’re a true forged club. It’s barely a CB is essentially a perimeter weighted blade.
  7. From what I’ve read that looks about right for lofts, how soft were they?
  8. Thanks I’ve actually seen these they sound like a fun project.
  9. How does one join a tech shop? My father in law has a lot of connections with CNC machine techs amd know how to CNC code. 1018 would be a tad softer anyways
  10. Not sure where else to ask this, my father in law is a retired aerospace engineer/gun smith/machinist/. IF he helped design a blade iron design how and where would one get the 1020 billet. He has the engineering know how and knows several CNC tech experts. Anyone have any inkling what cost of 10 chunks of billet (3-LW) plus rent time on a CNC might cost? Honestly how feasible is this if one already has access to a group of bored retired aeronautics engineers
  11. Gotcha so the precision FM 6.5 play stiff to flex? I’m about a 110-115 Driver SS so I’ve been told 6.5-7.0 is the sweet spot for me
  12. So you've played these clubs? If so how'd they feel?
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