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  1. For me, and I'm not very good but have watched a couple of guys, I think Rory's got the smoothest, most consistent swing out of anyone.
  2. I hear you. I've learned that I prefer noodles because they have a soft feel around the greens but I think they are punishing my driving.
  3. I use an old putter I'm used to and like, but wondering if an upgrade is really worth it. I do not live close to anything so it's not like I can drive to Dick's and try them out.
  4. It just seems like everyone struggles with the driver. Is it because of the club or because people just swing harder creating more errors?
  5. SC is just a name brand. Same reason people spend $500 on a gucci belt when they can get a really nice leather belt for under $100.
  6. Southern California Design Company according to Golf.com made the wedges so assuming they made the putter. Cobra is apparently one of their clients as well.
  7. We're talking in the secondary homeboy. I think these things would sell out and then go up 300% on ebay.
  8. Would the price of the thing balloon or stay the same? It looks very similar to an SC putter if you ask me. Which you didn't because I'd probably be wrong.
  9. I just use P and Gap but that's because it's all I have
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