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  1. Alright folks, want to get some more opinions... I went to see the PGA Pro my BIL recommend last Sunday (9 days ago). I explained to him that I could hit my old irons straight but not my new irons, and that there was differences in lie. Anyways, he basically said it's my swing and not the clubs, and that I need to flatten my swing out. He said my swing is too much "over the top" and gave me some drills to work on. I've been working on those drills and some other to try to get my swing to be "under the top" and while I can do so when I'm swinging very slowly, every time I try to go with more of
  2. Dynamic Gold S300 in both. I think based on my latest range trip last weekend I fixed the issue with hitting off the toe for the most part (see the impact tape pictures). The week before I was hitting most shots at the toe vs having a good percentage of them near the center. I think I was taking the club up vertically too quickly the week before and mostly fixed that issue in the last session.
  3. I reached out to a teaching professional referred to me by a friend and I’m going to set up a session with this guy. Their shop has Mizunos with different lies and we will hit them to see if the more upright clubs solve my issue. Thanks for all the suggestions here!
  4. Thanks, I agree with what you are saying when hitting a thinned shot, I think that the sting is a lot more apparent when hitting thin or on the toe vs. my old Titleists. Hoping if I can get these fit I won't have to go a different route but I think that's the next step in my process. I am able to hit them high like my 762's when I adjust them to be farther up in my stance.
  5. So I went to the range again today and my ball striking was better (much fewer at the toe.. I tried to make sure I wasn't picking the club up to vertically which I think I may have been struggling with last session... this also meant much less sting in the hands). I think I have been convinced I need to get the lies adjusted. I hit four balls per piece of marking tape and then switched clubs. Pics below. First pic is the Mizuno pitching wedge. Hit the first shot off the toe (short) but the others were fairly close to center. Had some fade to them: Next was t
  6. This is good to know and maybe it’s my problem. I will look at having them fit and maybe adjusted. Thank you! The Titleist 8 iron was pretty consistently close to the sweet spot after 5 swings. No hits too far off center whereas the Mizunos had ball marks pretty scattered around the tape.
  7. Thanks for the replies so far, I'll look into having someone look at my swing and keep on practicing to see if I can find my groove.
  8. Hi All, I used to play golf pretty often in high school and was probably around 12-15 handicap. I was never the greatest around the green and was inconsistent driving the ball straight, but my irons were always pretty consistent and straight (Titleist 762). I'm 33 now and trying to get back into the swing of things. About three years ago, I decided I wanted to try some new sticks, and my cousin (scratch golfer) recommended Mizuno JPX900 forged to me and had a Mizuno rep who gave me a deal at cost essentially, so I went for it. Probably a mistake on my part trusting that they would
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