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  1. I tested them outside at a range, tried multiple shafts with each. THe Ping 425 Max with the TOur 65 (R) was the best feeling, best performing and most accurate.
  2. I tested the Ping and the Titliest outside and the noise was the only thing I didn’t like about the club - I am looking for the 425 Max with the Tour 65 (R) shaft. I just feel a complete change will be good!
  3. My “natural” swing brings a fade for the ball flight. Over the years I have developed a draw for when I need it. THe problem is at times, I have to work on maintaining the draw - should I just play the “natural” ball flight (fade) and only use the draw when absolutely necessary? Looking for tips and advice - thanks!
  4. I was not a fan of a counter balanced shaft - I just couldn’t feel the head of the club - I am going from a Taylor R580 so ANYTHING will be better!
  5. Recently tested the Ping 425 Max (10.5) and the Titliest TSi2 (10) - Hit the Ping better, straighter, longer - only issue is the sound! Not used to it and not sure if I will get used to it! Thoughts - who has one and what are the thoughts about the sound?
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