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  1. Based on my glove wear, can you make any conclusions about my grip (good or bad)? I am a lefty, so this is obviously reversed and my right is my lead hand.
  2. What books are essential reading for members of this forum channel? Trying to learn more about era's past as I continue to grow my appreciation for classic golf.
  3. Alright - the vintage bug got me. I am curious though, a lot of the benefits I read about in some of the vintage irons I am considering getting (how high they fly, how solid they feel) were based on discussion from an whole different era of ball. On Instagram, I see that oldschoolgolfer on instagram (who plays vintage irons and persimmons) suggest the Wilson Staff Duo has having similar characteristics to balls in the late 70's to mid 90's. Is that in line with that others find, or is this just something you have to test and figure out? I am guessing my Srixon Z Star XV's are not
  4. I am in a bit of a weird spot with golf. I have long, long accepted the fact I will never be a professional. I live in a small town where we have a public course and about 70-80 seasonal members. There is no competitive element or structure to anything at the course. I work 5am-1pm so I tend to play at odd hours and typically walk on as a single so the "getting out with the guys" part of it does not really apply either. For years I stressed over scores, trying to shoot as low as possible and in turn drove myself a little bit mad. Now I enjoy the game much more for the walk/exercis
  5. Been doing mirror work lately after struggling with the putter. I noticed that in a regular squared stance my shoulders are open to the line. If I pull my back foot back, it squares my shoulders and my stroke in turn tends to be more square at impact. Ive read many great putters have an open stance. Is closing the stance a poor compensation to make? Am I just masking a bigger issue here?
  6. Not suggesting to play the entire set down to PW. But what percentage of golfers would be more consistent with a 3-4-5-6 hybrid than a 3-4-5-6 iron? If we are being realistic, it is quite low, no?
  7. Now that companies (Ping, PXG, Mizuno, Titleist) are making hybrids up to 28-34* with several shaft options is there a reason that the majority of us should not be playing them to as high a loft as we can find? All of the review videos and numbers always show that they go higher, land at a steeper decent angle and are significantly more forgiving and consistent than irons. I get that the main point of rebuttal is too high of a ball flight and playing in a windy location, but over the course of 60-80 rounds per year (1500-2000 long/midiron shots) will the shots saved f
  8. I golf left handed, but write, throw, bat, play tennis, pool, and interact with things primarily using my right hand. I play/practice multiple times a week, but always seem to get to the same place. Extremely low (tree top height with a wedge) ball flight with low spin and my misses are low pull slices. Lessons always lead to the same verdict as well. Not enough trail shoulder external rotation. In all instruction videos and many of my lessons there is always comparisons to other sports. Throwing a ball, skipping a stone, snapping a towel ect, all of whic
  9. Breaking point for me. This weekend I played 36 holes and had 79 putts. I hit 21 of the 36 greens in regulation. My speed control is atrocious and I consistently miss short and low. The back nine of the last nine I found myself trying three different grips. I am done. Starting June 1st I want to actually commit to something and stick with it. If I have 30 minutes a night to practice, what should I do to get better? What is the best routine to work on and stick with to slowly begin seeing results rather than spinning
  10. Camera angle is not directly down the line, but I’m wondering if anyone notices anything to work on? Struggling to break 95 and am wildly inconsistent everywhere. Ball flight is incredibly low throughout the bag. Tree high tops. FullSizeRender.mov
  11. I signed up for the course and watched the videos. There is no instructor anywhere near my area and I struggle to find many resources online so hoping someone can help. Lets say I have a 25 foot putt that I determine is a 4 standing behind the ball breaking from right to left. To get my read at the half way point, do I judge standing mid way on a straight line between by ball and the hole, or do I estimate the high point? I am a bit confused on the half way reads because in the videos he seemed to just walk at what I interpreted to be somewhat random spots outside the
  12. I am a left handed player, but I am struggling with pulling putts that break left to right and pushing putts that break right to left. This is causing me to miss every putt low - almost exclusively. Any tips on how to avoid "putting with the curve" so to speak? It seems as if my stroke is influenced by the slope in the green and I am going with it every time instead of going straight.
  13. Considering this setup with the 425’s and turning the 17 down to 16 and having them go 16-19-22 and then into my 23.5* 5 iron. I play in a location that can be incredibly windy, so I am thinking it is a good medium between easy to hit high fairways and tougher penetrating crossovers or driving irons. Cant say I’ve ever seen three in the bag on the top end for many. Curious if anyone out there has thoughts?
  14. More speed talk day after day. Now with Stack System out the social feeds are lighting up again. Can chasing speed be detrimental for regular players? I’m not arguing with the science and over speed training - I get it. But for those without competitive ambitions, is chasing solid consistent contact to play courses 6,200-6,600 yards a better pursuit?
  15. I will start with a reply to my own thread. I am considering going 5-7-9 wood and then adding a 5h and then 6-LW. Driver and putter of course, but I am extremely temped by the idea of hitting these high towering soft floating balls into greens from 200-230 out with the 7/9 wood. I can live with mis-hits from mid and short irons because my misses with them do not tend to be too too bad, but nothing derails my round like a topped 3 wood from the fairway or a super thin 4-5 iron that falls way short and right. Not to say it wouldn't happen with the fairway woods or the 5
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