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  1. Update: Well, it's confirmed - I received the wrong club. My fitter finally got back to me and said it should be a 21 degree 4 hybrid. That certainly makes more sense. Even though the loft is the same as my current 4 iron, I would expect it to come off a little hotter. Should fill the gap nicely. Thanks for all the responses. Good thing I didn't hit it!
  2. Exactly my thought. My old hybrid was 18 degrees and filled the gap perfectly.
  3. I also reached out to the fitter about this but no response yet. It arrived in default/neutral settings.
  4. It’s a set of Srixon ZX4s and I believe I strike the 4 iron pretty well. I’m not too concerned about the number on the club but that it’s actually higher lofted than the 4 iron. My old hybrid is lofted 18 degrees and filled the gap perfectly.
  5. This particular club explicitly shows a 5_24 on the neck of the head. If I can contact him and he says that’s it, I’m good with it. A 3 degree higher loft than my highest iron just seems weird to me.
  6. That’s my next move. Thanks man
  7. That’s what I’m thinking. Something seems off.
  8. I will keep it out of the bag for tomorrow Thanks man
  9. My same thought. Either Titleist sent me the wrong club or maybe my fitter fat fingered the order. I reached out to him but he hasn’t responded. Playing in a tournament tomorrow and was reallllllly lookin forward to using it.
  10. Honestly, I don’t know. He put the TSi2 in my hands, made some adjustments, then ordered it. I didn’t know the specs until it showed up. He fit me for my whole bag and he’s been awesome so far but this just doesn’t seem right.
  11. Man, I’ve been waiting for months and I see no announcement in sight. Went for a fitting and he put me in Vokeys. Didn’t think I was good enough to game traditional wedges but here we are.
  12. I was fit for a TSi2 hybrid a few weeks ago and it just arrived. Upon closer inspection, I realized it’s a 24 degree lofted 5 hybrid. I was expecting something with less loft. This club was supposed to fill the gap between my 3 wood (15 degrees) and 4 iron (21 degrees). Did Titleist send me the wrong club or is this common? Would a hybrid with 24 degrees of loft ever be used to gap higher than a 4 iron with 21 degrees of loft? Help - I’m confused.
  13. Nice - congrats on the placement. Earning money makes you a professional golfer, right? I'm crossing my fingers, brother. As soon as I hear anything, I'll post on this thread!
  14. Wondering the same. If history repeats itself - the CBX2 was announced on July 29th 2019 and made available to buy on August 30th 2019. Keep your ears open over the next week or so. As soon as Cleveland posts something on IG I'm sure it'll be all over the forums.
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