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  1. Tensei orange shafts due in to Ping on the 1st of June is what I have been told by my fitter. I should have my 3W the following week. Fingers crossed ps that will be 9 weeks
  2. T300 5-G AMT black shafts. Got a 52° and 56° Vokey tour chrome on order too but nothing has been said about those so still waiting. I’ll have a 12° gap in my wedges until those two show up.
  3. Just had the bad new today as my fitter got an email from Titleist that my order and most others placed early April are now on 12 weeks plus lead times. luckily for me my fitter knew my spec and got me hitting a T200 in the same spec. He didn’t even charge me the extra and I’ll have them in my hand early next week.
  4. I’ll be interested if mine arrives this year
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