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  1. Talked to Taylormade 2 days ago and found out my delivery date had actually been moved up from Oct 20 to Oct 1. My account got charged yesterday. Nippon 950GH NEO shaft. Ordered July 10 for reference.
  2. Wasn’t quite quick enough to edit my post. Completely read it wrong. Haha.
  3. I personally think they look great, but the top line is not a deal breaker for me.
  4. Haha, if your are looking for blades, then the p790 is not for you. The hate is hilarious, especially from people that have yet to physically hold the club.
  5. Look at the way the shaft is leaning. One on the right is leaning back, taking away visible topline, one on the left is leaning forward and revealing more topline. If anything, I would expect topline to be the same.
  6. Well the good news is that I’m watching the sun rise on my first day of vacation. The bad news: I just got the email none of us want. My shaft (nippon 950 neo) is delayed until October 11. Not much I can do, but it is still disappointing. I preordered on July 10 for reference.
  7. I was in a similar situation with club champion. Got fitted to the fujikura pro 95 with the gen 2. Ended up going to a demo day after and got fitted to a shaft that Taylormade offers. Wouldn’t have gotten them until around now, so I ended up pre-ordering these with the specs I was fitted for. Can always switch the shafts in the future if needed.
  8. Yeah I would keep trying. The guy I talked to did not even fight with me, just instantly told me he would do it as a one time courtesy. I’m going to laugh if the production version is more polished.
  9. Yeah I did the same thing, preordered on July 10. Talked to customer service and they matched the 2x pts. Be nice towards a new driver next spring.
  10. Love the look. Can’t wait for them to show up.
  11. One more that popped up on my Instagram.
  12. When are we going to get the unveiling?!?
  13. I was thinking the same thing, but I just ordered them. I got fitted for 2019s in April and decided to wait for these. Performance wise, I would expect them to at least perform to the previous models standard.
  14. Well I took the plunge and preordered mine. Glad I waited, and hopefully they are everything we expect them to be.
  15. If you go onto the website right now, there is no in-stock lefty sets & even under custom build, it only offers 5-PW. I don't know if that means anything, but I'm waiting at this point.
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