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  1. Scotty's Custom Shop have been accepting orders again for full restorations since the first week in July '21.
  2. They will suitable for what you're looking to do with your Phantom but I've read comments that the small prongs on those wrench tool can snap with excessive force. Something to be cautious about if you go down that route.
  3. Buy a Scotty Cameron weight kit from eBay. The set comes with the removal tool. Use a torque wrench with the tool to safely remove the weights.
  4. Yes they are. Ian & Matty from TXG did a review recently and said they will be available in the black finish.
  5. It will likely take a big Poulter victory for other pros using Scotty's to take notice of this milling style. Needs enough tour up take before it's even considered for Joe 3-Stab.
  6. Scotty Cameron made Hideki Matsuyama an xperimental prototype fastback with horizontal grooves at the back end of 2018. A few of these putters were sold through the galleries later that year.
  7. Ian has been using a Phantom with the horizontal grooves since early April. This type of putter has been in his bag throughout the year and this groove pattern isn't new to him but he seems to be playing well with it.
  8. This is not a backup to his original GSS Cameron & Co putter since this new putter is a Masterful head and that concept was only created in 2015 by Scotty Cameron.
  9. You can see from the closeup pics at the bottom of page 2 that it is a 340g head.
  10. Was told today that the entire allocation for the United Kingdom is less than 800 putters.
  11. 2 under par opening round with it. A steady start to build from.
  12. Available only via the Encinitas, California Gallery. Very limited putter offered in a USO theme with an alternative alignment aid to the stock OTR Special Select NP2 model.
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