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  1. One of my buddies plays 6.5 LS.. ss is 120-123 with driver
  2. Believe I read Feb 8 pre-orders open. Read through that specific thread to verify
  3. Miura MB101 4-PW heads $1150 Too much to list here to describe everything.. I’ll be quick. Please message me for details. All prices are OBO and include shipping Titleist 620 MB 7-PW $400 KBS C-Taper 125 Titleist 716 AP2 3-PW $500 PX LZ 6.0 (DG 3 Iron) Titleist 718/716 Combo $400 KBS $-Taper 125/ Recoil 110 818 H2 Hybrid w/ hc $95 Rogue 85 Stiff Scotty Cameron Circa 62 No. 1 project condition but a fine canvas $200 Pin 1/23
  4. I have 2 pair of the latest 360’s and they started rubbing my heel raw and I started have severe cramps in my arch when I walked with them.. switched to the footjoy and ZERO issues from day one. I’ve worn 360’s consistently since high school and just randomly started having issues this year. Getting old sucks lol
  5. I’m a convert to TourX from Adidas Tour 360… anyone know when to expect the Tour Alphas to be up for sale?
  6. That’s correct.. most are aligned but 2 irons are noticeably off center, upright. Irons were bent after shaft install and play great. thanks for putting my mind at ease
  7. Hey all, moving a few pieces of equipment that I’m not going to be needing this coming year. Ventus Black 10TX Titleist tip $sold Plays 40” purchased new from Will Peoples. This basically turns your hybrid into a driving iron G/Fore Gallivanter 9.5 Regular $sold Nearly brand new, look super sexy but don’t work for me BB&F Co - Full set of 10 $sold Stitch Birdie cover- $25 Stitch Croc cover- $50
  8. Hey all, Happy New Year! I had a set of Pings built and unknowingly (Ping Clubs require shims) gave the fitters BB&F Co ferrules to install with my C-Tapers. I hit the clubs great when I picked them up and did extensive gapping tests on Quad. Feel is solid and didn’t notice any issues. However, upon later close inspection, the shafts are slightly misaligned in the hosel. It is not noticeable at address.. the clubs were obviously bent for loft/lie to work. Is this going to cause any issues down the road or is my OCD stressing me over a non-issue?
  9. The 125 are S+ in C-Taper.. these are gonna feel pretty different from X100… weight will be similar but there’s gonna be a lot less feel in the handle. A lot of folks will say they feel “boardy” (referring to C-Taper) but I love them.
  10. Hey all, selling this set of 101’s built by Will Peoples. Standard length, 1* upright and 1* weak but obviously that can be changed easily. Pics speak for themselves, they have been well cared for but I’m not the type of guy to throw iron covers on to keep them perfect. I’ll look at partial trades as well. TX Titleist shafts, putters, TCB’s… feel free to PM $1300 pin 12/15
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