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  1. Scotty Cameron T22 Newport 35" - $995 OBO - this is brand new with tape on face/bottom and has never touched a ball. Happy to send more pictures or answer any questions. Will also entertain a trade for Scotty Cameron H20.
  2. Sweet baby Jesus. How’d they compare performance-wise on the turf there?
  3. Dumb question, but where do you sign up for the lottery? I only see an option to input email address for “exclusive offers”, but nothing for phone number which I’m guessing you provided if notified via phone call.
  4. Makes sense. Though in comparison, seems like every person who purchased one of the 25 happy gilmore hockey sticks or Santa Monica is looking to flip.
  5. With all the positive feedback surrounding the latest Santa Monica Small Batch release, I decided to look more into the past iterations and really really like the Azalea. But, for some reason there seems to be virtually no history of these trading on Wrx classifieds or eBay. What’s the story on these? Anyone know where to find… or was the release capped at some absurdly low number and I should stop wasting my time looking?
  6. Anyone else just get the email notification from Dicks that the CC Newport 2 is back in stock? already sold out a few minutes later
  7. (1) SeeMore Putters for Sale. Price marked includes FedEx shipping. See images below. Receipt included. Happy to send over any additional pics or answer any questions. SeeMore Mini GIANT Deep Flange Black / Stealth RST: Length=33.5" | Lie=68 deg | Grip=SeeMore 95 gram oversize | Optional 30 gram giant tip | Silver magnetic heacover. This has only been played 2 rounds and show no signs of use. $250 OBO (REDUCED) pin 8/8 pin 8/15 pin 8/25
  8. Original TM SIM hands down is the best fairway wood IMO. And thats coming from someone who games mostly Titleist.
  9. Good feedback quizzy. I just purchased a ZX utility in my standard iron steel shaft, but it feels very heavy with the bulkier head. Might have to try a 100-90g DI or hybrid shaft instead.
  10. Just picked up my 34” CC Newport at Roger Dunn. 1000% sure I asked for a NP2, which sucks, but guessing I will not get much sympathy from anyone on here LOL. Frustrating they allocated these with a hand-written list though. Planned on gaming it as a NP2. Now we shall see.
  11. The same applies at any Worldwide golf affiliate - Golfers Warehouse, Edwin Watts, etc.
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