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  1. The same applies at any Worldwide golf affiliate - Golfers Warehouse, Edwin Watts, etc.
  2. I had luck late in the game by going to Roger Dunn in LA. You have to pre-order in store for a spot on a reservation list. Once the clubs arrive early Aug you find out if you made the cut.
  3. Also, aside from ebay, where is best place to buy used/replacement scotty headcovers?
  4. Just received new Phantom X 11.5 and love it minus the headcover. My golf bag is mostly neutral/dark colors so the yellow scotty headcover looks like a yellow caution sign advertisement for Scotty Cameron. Not what I'm going for. Crazy I'm going to pay $150-$200 for an older one to replace it with, so I was wondering if anyone has tried the Phantom X 11.5 with a mid-ROUND mallet (vs. Square). The older Jackpot Johnny mid-square's are virtually impossible to find, so it would be nice to spend less on the "mid-round" mallet headcover if it fits.
  5. How would you compare your distance control with 11/11.5 vs Spider?
  6. Coming from someone who likes a compact iron-like hybrid, I recently demo’d the new tsi3, sim2 rescue, and apex pro and can offer some feedback. For those who like an open face look, the sim2 top line really flares open to prevent a pull. I found it to be way too much for me. The Apex pros were great, but the tsi3 really blew me away. Being able to transfer weight to toe (to address pull issues) without messing with face profile (like sim2 rescue) really worked for me. wish I could have tried the old pxg hybrids which seem to be very popular as well
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