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  1. I'm a lefty, ordered on 4/23. 1/2 over, Golf Pride Z Grips, standard loft and lie, TT Elevate ETS 115 shafts. When I placed the order online, it said 5-7 days, but figured I'd be lucky to have them that early. Considering I'm a lefty, I was hoping that estimate was accurate. In the last month, my shipping week has changed at least 6 times and now it's saying the end of June. I've waited to speak to a rep for about 30 minutes and just hang up multiple times. I get times are crazy, I understand they're an in demand set of clubs, but my god, what an absolutely horrible experience so far. After exchanging emails, I was told the grips, shaft and 5 iron head were all backordered. I went to the Callaway site just now, put in the exact specs of my order and the lead time said 3-4 weeks. If that's not intentionally misleading customers, I don't know what is.
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