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  1. No doubles or triples are always a goal usually resulting in a good round for a 12 handicapper.
  2. My Ping G400 7 wood is my go to club for second shots on Par 5’s. I have more confidence in the 7 over the 5 wood and find the extra distance the 5 would give me is not worth the risk in most cases. I also love the matching 9 wood and use that for 165 carry shots. My 5 wood carries 190-200, 7 wood 175 yards.
  3. Shooting your lowest round, making an Eagle or hole in one. Did all three this year after 50 years playing the game.
  4. Got my first hole in one today on the 17th hole at Cog Hill #1. It was playing 172 yards and used my Ping G400 nine wood. I knew right away it was a great shot. Two of us saw it land and disappear into the hole. Wasn’t sure until one of my playing partners who was ahead of us pulled it out of the hole. The ball mark was straight on 5 feet in front of the hole. Cog Hill gave me a real nice flag and said to have my playing partners sign it with a Sharpie. Pretty cool!
  5. Ping G400 Driver, 5, 7 and 9 woods Orlimar 9, 11, 13 and 15 woods Ping G710 9, W and U irons Ping iWedge 56 degree Sand Ping Glide 2.0 58 degree Lob STX Long putter
  6. My goal this year is to get my handicap as low as possible. This has me evaluating each course I play to reach that goal. I avoid playing tee boxes with 400 yard plus par 4’s and tee boxes over 6,000 yards. My average drive is 215 and I’m pretty comfortable hitting into greens from inside 175. I like to have the mindset that if I’m playing well, I should be on the green in regulation on every hole. If that’s not doable, I play up. My handicap index is 12 and I need to shoot between 79 and 83 on the courses I regularly play in order to shoot my handicap. I have a Handicap App on my phone that gives you the course handicap for the given tee box you choose. I wonder how many golfers play from tees with course handicaps greater than their index? I find playing course handicaps lower than my index gives me my best chance to lower my handicap.
  7. Is Ping filling single club orders any faster?
  8. That’s why I play early during the week.
  9. Placed an order 8/14 and was given a 10/16 delivery date.
  10. I use my 17 degree 5 wood. Normal grip, ball more to the center with less backswing. Works pretty well.
  11. Ping and Orlimar fairway woods cover me from 200 to 105 yard carries. 9i, U, S, L for 90 to 25 yards. 12 Handicap.
  12. Handicap Index 15.3 on June 25th, 2021 to 12.6 July 28th, 2021. Ping i3 O-size to Ping G710.
  13. For me, it’s because I can hit my 11 and 13 woods better than my 7 and 8 iron. I lay up to hit my 13 wood into greens, my 120 yard carry club.
  14. Here’s a picture of Alice Cooper’s bag which has only two wedges. He’s a 4 handicapper! D12D0381-7834-4C47-B8D2-3C75913FEA4E.webp
  15. There is a difference in the stock length of a male vs female 11 wood. Is the OP a female?
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